Rainbow Flags on 250 Catholic Church Buildings, Promoting Homosexuality

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Images of German Catholic churches with "rainbow" flags were collected in a video by the pro-LGBT German rock band Brings.

More than 250 Catholic churches in Germany have hung "rainbow" flags as part of the Germany-wide "Liebe gewinnt" (love wins) campaign in support of the LGBT movement, kath.ch reports. Images of RCC churches with corresponding flags were collected in a video by the Brings, a German rock band that actively supports the LGBT movement.

Stefan Brings, a member of this band, stated that he does not believe in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, but that the Church is important to him because he is impressed by the cohesiveness and structure of the RCC, especially its charity. The musician does not accept recent statements from Rome banning the blessing of same-sex couples. He sees the current movement among German Catholics to change the official RCC's attitude toward LGBT people as a good sign, since "there has never been a better chance for change than now.

Source: spzh.ru (Russian) 

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