Lutherans & Reformed in Germany Return to Worship the Pagan God of Climate [Change]

"[A] path toward a climate church, a path away from Christ. . ."

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The church is adapting to the spirit of the age - it has not only adapted, but has completely submitted to a neo-pagan climate religion, writer, historian, and philosopher Dr. Klaus-Rüdiger May wrote in the online journal Tychis Einblick on June 27.

The doctrine of the new "climate church," according to May, requires always and constantly worshipping the climate, thinking about the climate in everything one does. The author argues that the Christian churches have said goodbye to Christianity. They have abandoned outdated patriarchy and replaced the Trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with a triad of "climate apocalypticism, genderism and identity politics."

"It is not the cross but renunciation for reasons of climate justice that paves the way to a paradise that is praised in purely intra-world terms as a climate-neutral society," May writes.

The philosopher points out that churches have chosen climate as their new god, and are now worshipping it ecstatically.

"The topic of climate, after all, occupies us at all levels of our church, from congregation to EKD," said Anna-Nicole Heinrich, the twenty-six-year-old president of the association (union) of Lutheran and Reformed Land Churches in Germany called the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD).

"We are a church, a community that is always changing, that is always adapting...," Heinrich stresses.

"The church's climate protection measures are now far from sufficient. It's time for us churches to take leadership and assume our share of responsibility," the Churches for the Future Alliance said in an appeal.

Anna-Nicole Heinrich is already setting the direction. She argues that churches must find a new role in how they support the overall climate movement, the pursuit of climate protection, the pursuit of global climate justice.

Heinrich stresses that she is looking forward to the next few years to reflect together at EKD, together with member churches, together with many Christians, on what the role of the church can be and where the church can be an enabler, so that we can walk this path together. Heinrich explains that what is meant is "a path toward a climate church, a path away from Christ."

The EKD president believes that it is necessary to make it easy for Christians to say goodbye to Christ and Christianity:

"It's important that we just feel this change. It really needs to be approached with an undaunted attitude, not clinging too hard or holding on to something that is no longer there, but focusing on what we can do new and different. And enjoy it, look forward, not backward" - Heinrich instructs.

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