Homosexual "Pride" March Not Allowed in Georgia This Year

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Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

A homosexual organization in Tbilisi, Georgia, complains of having its “pride march” banned by the authorities.

This comes a year after a similar march of sexual perverts was canceled after thousands gathered in Tbilisi to protest the event. Unfortunately, the protests against the propaganda of iniquity became violent. One of the participants was killed; however, the motive for the attack is disputed, and it’s been reported that the culprit was, in fact, mentally ill.

The Georgian Orthodox Church unconditionally condemned violence. The Church held its own prayerful and peaceful protest against the homosexual onslaught on the Christian moral foundations.

Coincidentally, the Metropolitan of the Moldovan Orthodox Church recently issued a call for similar events there to be canceled, and the autonomous Gagauzia region of Moldova has voted to ban all such events and such propaganda.

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