Catholic Churches Offer Homosexual “Blessing Service for Lovers” in Germany

Over 100 Catholic churches in Germany are holding public religious ceremonies with a "blessing for lovers". The celebrations are expressly open to same-sex couples . . .

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Originally appeared at: Vatican News

Bishop Bätzing criticizes the response of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, claiming that there is a need for "a re-evaluation of homosexual unions and a further development of the Church's sexual morality."

Proponents of the blessing ceremonies, held under the title "Love wins", include Roman Catholic priests, deacons and members of the laity.

"We will continue to accompany people who engage in a binding union and bless their relationship," explained Burkhard Hose, a chaplain at Würzburg University, who launched the campaign in March.

"We celebrate the diversity of people's different life plans and love stories, and ask for God's blessing. Without any secrecy," reads a website dedicated to the initiative. Most of the blessing services take place in the Frankfurt area and northwest Germany.

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