Gang of Ukrainian "Refugees" in Poland Killed a Man Who Tried to Stop Them from Molesting a Girl

It seems that the "good guys" are not good guests after all. . .

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According to Ren-TV, eyewitnesses published on the Network footage from the scene. They show a scuffle and then a young man bleeding on the floor of the store.

According to the Polish edition Wprost, a crowd of "drunken foreigners" at about 3 a.m. on May 8 began molesting the girl in Novy Svet Street. A young man standing nearby decided to defend her, which resulted in a fight. As a result, several Ukrainian refugees beat the guy on the sidewalk and then stabbed him in the back.

The victim managed to get to a nearby store, where he collapsed on the floor. Medics tried to help him, but his injuries were too serious and he died.

Poles noted in comments to the published video that Ukrainian speech was clearly heard in the footage and wondered why the local media called the attackers "foreigners.

Earlier, a Ukrainian man attacked a compatriot in a bar in Brooklyn with a broken bottle, thinking that he was Russian because he spoke Russian.

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