Did Putin's Belarusian Counterpart Just Publicly Reject Atheism?

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Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that when he was young, he lectured on atheistic propaganda and realized that he could not be an atheist.

"When I was a very young man, a lecturer, I was invited to the regional party committee and approved as a lecturer on atheistic propaganda. I tried to give these lectures and once ran into an Orthodox priest with whom we had a heated conversation. I argued and argued with him, and then came out and thought: God, what a wimp I am compared to the ordinary clergyman, not to mention the great men," - Lukashenko told an open class for schoolchildren on Thursday.

"That was the end of my atheist propaganda. I realized that it's not my business and that I shouldn't be an atheist," - the Belarusian president admitted.

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