Did an Orthodox Prophecy Predict Scandinavian Membership in NATO & Its Fateful End?

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US President Joe Biden has signed (August 9) protocols on the ratification of agreements on Finland’s and Sweden’s accession to NATO. He called on other NATO member countries to approve these countries’ joining the alliance as soon as possible.

One can recall the ominous words of a famous Greek Orthodox priestmonk - with numerous sermons on the internet, some of them available in English - serving on the island of Rhodes, Fr. Elpidios Vagianakis. Would it be the case that the conflict between Russia and NATO would also extrapolate to the Scandinavian countries? 

In a live interview for the Greek radio station FOCUS FM 103.6, with Mr. Stefanos Damianidis as host, the following words, among many others, were said:

"The war that has already begun in Syria, which is one end of the bow, and it will now move to the other end of the bow, which is Northern Europe. And when I say Northern Europe, I am not referring to a Russia-Ukraine war [...]

NATO will be defeated. What I see as a disaster is related to the Scandinavian countries. Unfortunately, some countries will make the catastrophic mistake, believing that the Americans will save them. The Americans will involve these countries in the game so that it can release its snake, and then it will abandon them [...]

I regret that Scandinavia will be destroyed, because it will be persuaded by the Americans to take a stand against Russia."

To watch the full interview or read the transcript in English, click here

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