The Defense Ministry Said That the U.S. Has Launched a Mental War Against Russia

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In an interview with Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, Andrei Ilnitsky, adviser to the defense minister and 3rd Class State Councilor, said that the West, led by the United States, has unleashed a new type of war against Russia - a mental war, the consequences of which will not appear immediately.

According to him, Western countries avoid direct military confrontation with Russia, because the latter is capable of inflicting unacceptable damage on them with its nuclear weapons and modern army, and the likelihood of such a conflict is excluded for the next ten years. Therefore, the advisor notes, the West, led by the U.S., has launched an information-hybrid war against Russia.

According to this advisor, while human life and infrastructure can be restored, "the course of mental evolution cannot be reversed, especially since the consequences of this 'mental war' do not manifest themselves immediately, but only after at least a generation, when it will be impossible to do anything.

Adviser to the Minister of Defense listed the primary measures to counteract the mental warfare. In his view, these measures include reclaiming the sovereignty of the Internet, training information warfare specialists for law enforcement and civilian spheres, resetting youth policy, and renewing an active and broad dialogue with the conservative majority - the current regime's supporting electorate.

President Vladimir Putin has previously stated that there is a targeted information campaign abroad against Russia's achievements. The head of state added that Russia is facing a consistent and aggressive policy aimed at disrupting the country's development and creating problems along its perimeter. As the president noted, this is being done to "ultimately weaken Russia and put it under external control.

Source: (Russian)

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