Church of Sodom & Gomorrah? US Has Its First Transgender Lutheran 'Bishop'

Megan Rohrer, in her capacity as "Bishop", will "minister" to 200 Lutheran congregations in Northern California and northern Nevada, USA.

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has its first openly transgender "bishop," reports

Megan Rohrer, formerly a female "pastor" in San Francisco and a chaplain at the San Francisco Police Department, has become "bishop" of the Evangelical Lutheran Church USA and will "minister" to some 200 congregations in Central and Northern California and northern Nevada over the next six years.

While still in college, Rohrer declared her lesbian tendencies and became president of the Gay and Straight Alliance. Born in 1980, Rohrer identified as "transgender" in 2002 and, after graduating from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and School of Religion in Berkeley, earned her master's degree in theology and her doctorate in 2016.

Rohrer was "ordained" in 2006, becoming the first openly transgender cleric in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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