Catholic Cardinal Says Freemasonry Uses WHO & Papacy in Its Bid for Global Control

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Originally appeared at: Union of Orthodox Journalists

Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former ambassador of the Vatican to the United States, said that Freemasonry is using the WHO and the "Bergoglian Church" for its global upheaval. He said this during an interview with Byoblu TV.

“We are ruled by members of a global lobby of criminal conspirators who tell us straight out that their plan is to destroy us, and we are all sitting here wondering why we have to wear masks on buses and not in restaurants. The problem of everything that is happening now is the moral and ethical insolvency of not only the ruling class, but also a significant part of the population,” the cardinal noted.

According to Viganò, the 2030 UN agenda is to transfer the wealth of nations and individuals to large investment funds, run by the globalist mafia, and this subversive operation must be condemned and prosecuted for it appears as a real silent coup against society.

The Bishop of the RCC also noted that the impending global bankruptcy is only a means to achieve much more disturbing goals, such as total control over the world's population and its enslavement, deprivation of people's homes, and the inability to develop businesses.

Viganò is convinced that endemic unemployment is exacerbated by uncontrolled immigration and health emergencies, labor costs are constantly falling, while residents are being taxed exorbitantly.

The cardinal noted that today the values of the traditional family have no place in society, "it is almost impossible for young people to get married and have children," and education is being destroyed starting from primary school.

“Recognizing that an international criminal organization has deprived us of our inalienable rights is the first and necessary step. Once this is realized, especially by the sane part of the institutions and the judiciary, it will be possible to bring to justice the traitors, who made this silent coup possible, and banish them from the political scene forever,” said the former Vatican ambassador to the United States.

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