In America, CNN Wants Jesus To Be 'Less White'

The U.S. network CNN urged Americans to place icons of a "black Jesus" in their homes to "fight racism". The ideologues of totalitarian liberalism are doing everything they can to substitute Christianity with a somewhat simulacrum resembling it - Mikhail Tyurenkov, head of Tsargrad's religious editorial board, revealed the true purpose of such calls.

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CNN anchor journalist Don Lemon called on all faithful Americans to place icons of a "black Jesus" in their homes in order to "fight racism. Michael Tyurenkov, head of Tsargrad's religious editorial board, commented on the situation in the U.S.

He noted that attempts to "adapt" Christ to meet the needs of particular social groups or ideological factions have been made in America more than once. And the "black Jesus" is not a novelty for the U.S. either.

But the problem is not that some black iconographer added dark pigment to the images of Christ, the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, and other saints. This is perfectly understandable and forgivable, if the icon is painted sincerely and canonically, emphasizes Mikhail Tyurenkov.

The problem is that ideologues of totalitarian liberalism (or, more precisely, left-liberalism), having realized the ineffectiveness of Soviet-style anti-Christian persecution, are doing their best to replace Christianity with a simulacrum somewhat resembling it,

- explains the head of Tsargrad's religious editorial board.

Sadly, such tactics are slowly but surely bearing fruit. If a century ago, even among the most liberal Protestant sects there was not a single one that would have raised the possibility of "marrying" same-sex "marriages" or "ordaining" lesbian "bishopesses," today it is no longer surprising. And it is too bad that no one among conservative Christians has yet been found to put down such blasphemers - Mikhail Tyurenkov sums up the disappointing results.

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