8 Years of Injustice Against the People of Donbass: The Cause of Today's Conflict - Head of the Russian Church

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Originally appeared at: Union of Orthodox Journalists

Addressing the members of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church before the meeting, Patriarch Kirill said that there is no peace without justice, reports patriarhia.ru.

“We are having a session at a time when, as you know, not everything is calm in the expanses of Holy Rus. Lots of people today are suffering, really suffering, but this suffering did not begin now, as some claim, but has continued for the past eight years. Very many people in the Donbass were actually subjected to the strongest pressure, and all this led them to a state of deepest dissatisfaction. But where justice is violated, there is always resistance to injustice, and this entire eight-year history has become significantly radicalized today,” the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said.

“A world without justice is what cements and perpetuates human afflictions, and any peace without justice is not lasting, it cannot exist for a long time. Therefore, today our prayers are for peace and justice to attend those who are going through a really difficult time, who are affected personally and who share the suffering of their nation,” Patriarch Kirill continued.

In conclusion, he urged to pray that “peace and justice descend on the land of Donbass, so that people could enjoy peaceful existence, so that these regions could further develop economially, spiritually and culturally.”

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