Large Statue of Russian Saint Erected in Liberated Former Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Stronghold (Mariupol)

Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

Marioupol is a large industrial city and a seaport on the Azov Sea, where Russians and Ukrainians peacefully lived side-by-side since XVIII century. It was ceded to the artificially created Ukrainian state less then 30 years ago, and its population, just like everywhere in the area, became subject of forcible “ukrainization” by the Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.

Their plight was over with the liberation of the city and formation of the Donetsk Republic. Now the people here, Russians and Ukrainians alike, are free to recover their cultural and ethnic heritage in self-awareness of freedom and independence from the oppressive force.

As a witness to that stands a new monument to the famous Russian (or Ukrainian, no difference) Prince St. Alexander Nevsky who back in the XIII century secured the existence of our people by defeating the crusaders from the West.

Watch on video this momentous event of erecting the new monument in Mariupol:

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