Icon of a Russian Saint & Admiral Has Been Shedding Tears For Almost 4 Months in Russia - Since the Beginning of the Military Operation

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An icon of the famous Russian admiral Fyodor Ushakov continues to shed tears in Vladivostok. The myrrh flow began on February 24 and continues to this day. "These are all the prayers of mothers," explains Alexander Zhilin, rector of the temple at the Pacific Higher Naval School. - They ask so much for their boys that they are allowed to strengthen their faith!"

The miraculous face fits in the palm of a hand and is an ordinary laminated icon. For the past seven years, the image has been kept in the family of reserve officer Valery Dzyuba, and suddenly it began to pour myrrh. But why suddenly, if it was prayed to? The thing is that Valery's son went to serve in Ukraine, and his family appealed to the saint, so that the young man would return home alive.

Later, the countenance was given to the church of St. Fyodor Ushakov at the Admiral Makarov Naval Academy, where others were able to partake of the miracle.

"I can't say that we conducted any serious examination and took this icon to Moscow - usually such things are studied by a special church commission," the rector of the church, priest Alexander Zhilin, tells the Daily Storm, "but the priests felt that the myrrh flow really happened. It's a light oily liquid that has spread throughout the image and can still be seen today."

According to the abbot, he recently returned the icon to its owner. After all, if it has started in his home, it means he needs it more...

"I think that in this way the Lord strengthens our faith and lets us know that he is with us," Father Alexander explains. - Especially since the situation is not easy and involves the deaths of people: both soldiers and civilians. Unfortunately, this is inevitable in war. Everything there is very simple: there is life and there is death. And there are no gaps. But, as they say, according to our faith let it be to us. Perhaps someone will think that this is a fake."

"And why there are more and more of these kind of miraculous icons," the priest reflects, "is also understandable. Think about how many mothers or wives are now heartily praying for the return of their children! A mother's prayer also opens up heaven. So let it be for salvation.

Адмирал Федор Ушаков

I must say that there are many such signs. For example, in the temple in the name of Archangel Michael of the village Voronezh Lozovka several icons were sheding myrrh simultaneously. According to the rector, the same thing happened eight years ago, on the eve of the aggravation in Donbass. In the church in the village of Bachurino near Moscow, the "Semistrelnaya" is crying, and in the Pokrovsky temple complex in St. Petersburg - not only icons, but also relics of saints. The question is that all these cases are recorded exclusively on the territory of Russia - and not a single mention of Ukraine.

Admiral Fyodor Ushakov retired from service in 1807, and three years later he settled not far from the Sanaksar monastery. As contemporaries recalled, in the last years of his life he became like a righteous elder, prayed a lot and gave out money for charity.

"Upon his arrival from St. Petersburg for about eight years he led a secluded life in his own home," Hieromonk Nathanael recalled of him. - On Sundays and holidays came to pray in the monastery, and during Lent lived in the monastery in the cell for the entire week and every long service with the brethren in church standing.

In 2001, the admiral was canonized and part of his relics are imperishable.

Source: dailystorm.ru (Russian)

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