American Archbishop "Preferred the 'Modern Gospel' of the Serpent", Says Traditional Greek Orthodox Bishop

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Met. Seraphim of Piraeus Denounces Heretical Conduct of Elpidophoros on Baptism for Gay Couple 

"Consequently, this particular Hierarch… preferred the 'modern gospel' of the serpent to the teaching of the Church and is now under the curse of the Holy and God-bearing Fathers".

We have emphasized in many of our interventions that the Church, the Body of Christ according to the heavenly Apostle Paul (Eph 1:23) is the land of converted sinners, and the revealed God Word declared “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” (Mark 2:17). The proclamation of the same Apostle of the Nations (1 Tim 1:15-16) is significant, as he claimed only one first place, that of the first of sinners. This is why the Church of Christ has always surrounded the fallen man with infinite love, because there is no sin or crime that cannot be healed and restored by the unfathomable patience of the Holy Creator of life and man.

The opposition of the Gospel’s message, the preaching of the God-bearing Apostles and the Divine and Sacred Canons of the Holy God-bearing Fathers, does not concern the persons of the unfortunate victims of the serpent, but the sin, which separates from Holy God and which returns man to the ground and deprives him of the prospect of coinherence with the Eternal Presence of the Lord of Glory and theosis. Accordingly, love and mercy towards the sinner is the emphatic practice and commandment of the Savior, which is expressed throughout His presence on earth and in a moving way with the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin (Luke 15:3-10) and the condemnation of sin as the generative cause of illness and death (John 5:14).

We mention all of the above because of the inadmissible (as it appears from the document and report to the Holy Synod, of Rev. Metropolitan Glyfada, Mr. Antonios) action of the Most Reverend Archbishop of America, Mr. Elpidophoros, to celebrate after a procession and with great publicity the sacrament of the baptism of two children, who have been “adopted” by a “couple” of homosexuals. Certainly, the baptism and the admission of every human being into the Kingdom of God is a work of grace and blessing and obeys the commandment of the incarnate Lord “Go ye therefor, and teach all nations, baptizing them” (Matthew 28:19-20).

However, the performance of the mystery of baptism, with great publicity, of two unfortunate children – which is the cause of the tragedy of our time, which has institutionalized the subversion of human ontology and physiology, as an alleged human right, when it has nothing to do with human nature, but it is a psychopathological deviation that trivializes the human person and dirties man’s soul and fulfills the definition of the great criminologist Cesare Lombroso that “the homosexual has no moral restraint and no metaphysical ideal” – who are in the midst of the two allegedly homosexual parents, by the sole responsibility of the state which “legislated” in this regard, with the result that they are deprived of the life-giving caress of the mother and the robust personality of the father, that is, they are deprived of the standards of life, it becomes the springboard for the Ecclesiastical amnesty of the Ecclesiastical crime of sodomy, which is a mortal sin that deprives one of communion with the Living God and inevitable leads its unfortunate victim to eternal perdition.

Therefore the specific priestly practice of the Most Reverend Archbishop of America Mr. Elpidophoros and the substantial rewarding of unrepentant sodomites and their promotion in the Church, as supposedly “God-fearing persons”, who baptize their children in an Orthodox way, and the consequent amnesty of the deadly crime of sodomy and the subversion of human ontology and physiology, directly offends the anthropology and soteriology of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and leads the specific Hierarch to trial before the Holy Canons and the Lord of the Church, because through his practical “teaching” he annulled the relevant soteriological mandate of the Holy Bible (Leviticus 18:22, Genesis 19:24, Rom. 1:27-28).

Consequently, this particular Hierarch, for obvious reasons of publicity or others that we do not know, preferred the “modern gospel” of the serpent to the teaching of the Church and is now under the curse of the Holy and God-bearing Fathers and the Canonical provision of the Canonical Judicial bodies of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Personally, and because I am connected to him by friendship, I publicly call him to restore the spiritual damage caused, seeking the forgiveness of the Holy Lord of the Church and the Ecclesiastical Body.

Letter of Met. Seraphim of Piraeus provided below:

Met. Seraphim of Piraeus Denounces Heretical Conduct of Elpidophoros on Baptism for Gay Couple

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