Greek Orthodox Bishop: The Church Does Not Seek the Truth, But Owns It - Speaking Against Fraudulent American Bishop

Originally appeared at: Union of Orthodox Journalists

Metropolitan Nicholas of Mesogeia believes that the Church should not debate its position on marriage and family because it does not seek the truth but owns it.

Hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Nicholas (Hatzinikolaou) of Mesogeia and Lavreotiki said that the head of the American Exarchate of the Phanar, Archbishop Elpidophoros, is using deception to put his views into practice, reports “Romfea”.

Asked by a journalist whether he agreed with a statement Archbishop Elpidophoros made after the baptism of the child of a same-sex couple about the need for a "discussion" about sexuality and gender in the Church, the Greek hierarch said:

"Unfortunately, the particular ecclesiastical person who talks about an ‘honest discussion’ was not honest with the Metropolitan of Glyfada (in whose diocese the baptism took place – Ed.), and before the ‘discussion’ has opened, he has arbitrarily and fraudulently implemented his views, even on foreign territory."

Metropolitan Nicholas stressed that people who do this and then demand "honest discussions" are not doing it sincerely. "Usually ‘honest discussions' of this type are requested by those who are not honest and who avoid discussions! "

"Before anything else, we need an honest discussion about sincere repentance and the consistency of life and speech, substance and image within the Church," says the Greek hierarch.

According to him, "the Church is called that which lives and teaches for centuries, the beauty and sanctity of gender and the institution of the family", and she should not discuss "the truth and its experience, because it does not seek it but owns it, bears witness to it and confesses it".

"It does not question its treasure, it does not waver on its truth, it prophesies. When she discusses, she does so to make her wealth understandable, not to adapt her teaching to the demands of the irrational modern world, which is diverted to sin and confusion," Metropolitan Nicholas stressed.

As earlier reported, Archbishop Elpidophoros, head of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, baptised two children of a same-sex "family" during his visit to Greece. The situation caused a scandal in Greece. The Greek Church promised to complain to Patriarch Bartholomew because Archbishop Elpidophoros hadn’t informed Metropolitan Antonios of Glyfada that the children's parents were sodomites.

Later, Phanariot theologian John Chryssavgis said that "it is time to talk about sex and gender in the Church".

For his part, Metropolitan Antonios (Avramiotis) of Glyfada said that Archbishop Elpidophoros had misled him by baptising the children of a same-sex couple.

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