St. Luke of Simferopol's Personal Belongings Go for $1 Million+ at Auction

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Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

Initially estimated at just 2 million rubles ($27,270), the personal archives of St. Luke of Simferopol ending up going for more than $1 million at auction in Moscow yesterday.

Bidding on the more than 80 items lasted 3.5 hours and brought in more than 80 million rubles ($1,075,200), the chief expert of the 12th Chair Auction House Ivan Efimov told RIA-Novosti.

The most expensive items were the manuscript “Outline of a Theological-Political Essay,” written in 1943 about the Church’s support for the state’s fight against fascism, which went for $139,776 (10.4 million rubles), and the theological treatise “To Clarify the Question of Evil and Suffering,” which went for $95,425 (7.1 million rubles).



Other items included photos, an inkwell, and liturgical items.

Last year, the Medal of St. Luke of Crimea was established in Russia, to be awarded to practitioners, junior medical staff, and other employees of medical organizations for their services in the field of health protection and their contribution to the organization of medical care.

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