Huge Amber Nugget Found in Russia Named in Honor of a Saint Russian King

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An amber nugget weighing more than 1 kg, extracted in the Primorsky quarry of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine (KYAK, part of Rostec State Corporation), was named "Pious" in honor of Saint Pious Prince Dmitry Donskoy, the company's press service reported.

"Amber nugget weighing 1,189 grams was extracted in the Primorsky quarry on June 1, the day when the Orthodox Church honors the memory of Saint Pious Prince Dmitry Donskoy. Therefore, it was decided to name this unique amber - "Pious", - said the press service, noting that traditionally, existing at the mill, nuggets get their name in honor of a significant event or holiday, on the eve or day of which they were mined, or by bright emotional and associative impressions from their appearance.

"Pious" is already the fifth nugget extracted in the current amber mining season, which began at the mill in April. The amber giant is subject to obligatory evaluation by specialists of Gokhran of Russia. Nuggets weighing over 1 kg and not having the status of precious stones can be sold at specialized auctions or offered for sale at tourist sites of Kaliningrad Amber Works - at the "Amber Chamber" of the enterprise and the "Amber Gallery" in Moscow.

"Amber nuggets over one kilogram are very rare and lucky and their quantity does not exceed 15-20 pieces per year on average. At the same time the factory mines up to 500 or more tons of raw amber per season. In 2021 21 nuggets were found, which was the absolute record in the history of amber mining in Russia," - said the press service.

Nuggets are in demand by amber processors and collectors. Larger pieces are used by amber craftsmen to make exclusive designs. The amber factory offers nuggets at auctions held within the framework of the annual International Amber Industry Economic Forum Amberforum. This June, at the regular, fifth in a row such forum in the resort town of Svetlogorsk, 20 such stones will be put up for auction. The highest starting price for a 2.7 kg "Tiger Head" nugget is 1,000,000 rubles. The lowest price is for a 1.216-kg stone, mined back in 2012, which is worth 400,000 rubles.

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