Clear Message: Statue of Warrior Saint Who Defeated West Unveiled at Russian Foreign Ministry (Nevsky)

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On September 12, when the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of Prince St. Alexander Nevsky, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs unveiled the newly erected monument to the Prince, famous for his victories over invaders from the West/

The event was officiated by the Foreign Minister Mr. Sergei Lavrov, attended by Russian diplomats, including veterans of the diplomatic service, holders of the State Order of Alexander Nevsky, senators, and public figures. On behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church, the ceremony was attended by Mr. Vladimir Legoyda, Chairman of the Department for Relations with Society and the Mass Media, top clergymen.

Addressing the officials and guests, Mr. Lavrov said:

"Alexander Nevsky played a vital role in the survival of the Russian nation, consolidation of our people in the face of external threats, preservation of its cultural and religious identity, strengthening of Orthodox Christianity as the major uniting force. Reliance on the spiritual and political heritage of Prince Alexander many a times helped our people in the most difficult periods of our history, including the harsh years of the Great Patriotic War. Today his legacy is heroically defended by the participants of the military operation in Donbass.

Alexander Nevsky was not only a courageous warrior but also a skillful diplomat. Effectively acting on different geographical directions - both western and eastern - already at that distant time he formulated the principle of multi-vector foreign policy, its orientation on cooperation, with the primary concern for the national interests. It is no coincidence that Alexander Nevsky has long been considered the heavenly patron of Russian diplomacy. The President of the Russian Federation awards the Order named after him to the most distinguished officials of the Foreign Ministry and other compatriots for their significant contribution to the implementation of the foreign policy course.

'God is not in might, but in righteousness' – this is the precept of Alexander Nevsky. Following it, we will continue to strengthen our sovereignty, pursue an independent foreign policy course, defend respect for the cultural and civilizational diversity of the modern world, the right of nations to determine their own destiny, do everything to strengthen the position of the Russian world, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian language, multi-ethnic Russian culture, safeguard the interests of our citizens and compatriots living abroad.

Let us continue to contribute to the protection of our traditional spiritual and moral values and to prevent their replacement by false, ultra-liberal and pseudo-moral ones that pervert our social and family foundations.
I am convinced that the monument unveiled today will become a landmark for the Ministry and will help to strengthen the connection between times and traditions."

You can watch the address of Mr. Lavrov on this video:

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MORE:News Saints
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