Romanov Crypt Church in Moscow To Be Restored

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Chrisitanity

Holy Transfiguration Cathedral at Moscow’s Novospassky Monastery is set to be restored by 2023.

The church is the second largest in Moscow after the Dormition Cathedral in the Kremlin, and is well-known for serving as the Romanov family vault for several centuries. The monastery itself long enjoyed the favor of the representatives of the Romanov Dynasty.

A competition has been announced for the restoration of the cathedral, which is designated an object of cultural heritage. The winner of the competition will have 380 days to carry out the necessary restoration work in the church and fix up the entrance to the Romanov tomb, reports the official site of the Mayor of Moscow.

The cathedral crypt. Photo:

The cathedral crypt. Photo:    

The initial price of the contract is $2,364,140 (172 million rubles), being offered by the Moscow City Heritage governmental organization.

The church on the site of the modern Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was founded in 1491. It acquired its modern appearance after the Romanovs came to power and the new stone cathedral was conceived as a crypt for members of the dynasty. According to historical documents and descriptions in the basement, there were more than 70 ancestral graves of the Romanovs and their relatives.

Among those buried there is Roman Yurievich Zakharin (d. 1543), from whom the Romanov Dynasty takes its name. His daughter Anastasia was the first wife of Ivan IV the Terrible, his grandson was Patriarch Philaret of Mosco, who was the father of the first Romanov tsar, Mikhail (1596-1645).

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