Statue of Christ in Southern State Surpasses Rio's and Becomes Brazil's Largest (PHOTOS)

The statue of Christ the Protector, so named by the community of the city of Encantado, in Vale do Taquari, 143 km from Porto Alegre, should be ready by the end of this year. The monument will be 37 meters high and six meters at the base, totaling 43 meters.

With the measurements, including 36 meters of wingspan between the arms, it should surpass the size of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, which has 30 meters of statue and eight of pedestal.

The gaucho construction began on the top of the Antennae Hill, 400 meters above sea level, in July 2019, and will guarantee future visitors a privileged view of the valley, next to the Garibaldi Lagoon and the Taquari River.

"It has a very beautiful view from up here on the hill. Even more so when tourists and the local community will have access to the inside of the Christ and take an elevator up the 34 meters to the statue's chest," said the General Supervisor of Works and Planning, Artur Lopes de Sousa, 64.

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At chest height of the gigantic Christian sculpture, inside, there will be a glass opening where visitors can take pictures and make videos.

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The statue is made of steel rebar. 40 thousand kg have already been used, 500 cubic meters of concrete, and 13,500 kg of metallic profiles, metals used in the internal structure of the image. Only 30% of the work has yet to be completed. The arms and the head of the statue were lifted by two tow trucks last Tuesday (6).

According to businessman Rafael Fontana, a member of the Christ's Friends Association and spokesperson for the group, some residents of the city of Encantado already had the intention of building an image of the Christ on top of the mountain.

The mayor at the time, 81-year-old Adroaldo Conzatti, supported the idea. Conzatti died last month from complications from covid-19.

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"The name Christ Protector is based on projecting the faith of our community, all our devotion. In addition, the new Christ will provide protection because it is in front of our city," Fontana said.

He estimates that 10,000 people per month will visit the Christ after its inauguration.

The money raised for the construction of the image, he says, comes from voluntary donations from the community and businessmen from Encantado, from cities in other states of Brazil and even from abroad - from people from Germany, Italy, Portugal and Japan.

The authors are the artist Genésio Gomes de Moura, 66, known as "Ceará", and his son Moisés Markus Moura, 40.


Due to health problems, "Ceará" had to leave work and passed the baton to his son, who lives in Ouro Fino, in the interior of Minas Gerais.

The modeling of Christ's face alone took about three months to complete. Afterwards the arms and hands were made, and are already erected. The head alone weighs about 40 tons.

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