Russian Parishes in Europe Face 'Enormous Moral Pressure' - Church's Spokesman

Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

The parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in Europe are facing enormous moral pressure, but they are coping with it, and parish peace has been maintained, Vladimir Legoida, official representative for the Russian Orthodox Church told Rossiya 24 TV channel.

"The situation is not easy, but as far as I know, today, despite all the difficulties, peace can still be maintained in the parishes, where it could theoretically be a problem. Of course, it is not easy, also because we realize what the European media are like today... There is enormous moral pressure on the ROC parishes, but so far they cope," Legoyda said.

"I talk to my colleagues, including our MGIMO graduates. They’re telling me that they have only read it in fiction that there could ever exist such a non-alternatives position: you cannot say anything to question that mouthpiece of propaganda that describes Russia as hell," Legoyda observed.

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