Radicals with U.S. and Ukrainian Flags Attack Cross Procession, Schismatic Bishop Approves (+VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

A peaceful cross procession of the Orthodox Church with wonderworking icons and relics, in honor of St. John of Tobolsk, was violently interrupted by Ukrainian radicals with American and Ukrainian flags yesterday.

The provocateurs also brandished flags of the organization Right Sector—a well-known radical nationalist group that has often been involved in violently seizing churches from the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The attackers uploaded video of the incident themselves, entitling it, “The Sabbath of the Moscow ‘church’ UOC FSB in Nezhin.” Ukrainian schismatics and nationalists routinely deny that the Ukrainian Church is administered by and for Ukrainians, instead accusing millions of their fellow Ukrainians of being agents of the FSB—the Russian Federal Security Service.

One “hierarch” of the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” approvingly commented on the video, calling for all UOC processions to be dealt with the same way.

As the video shows, the radicals stood in the way of the prayer procession with placards and flags, shouting obscenities and insisting that the Ukrainians leave their Ukrainian homeland. The group then provoked a fight with the participants in the procession by attacking priests and believers.

At least one participant’s clothing was completely torn up, notes the Union of Orthodox Journalists. They also broken a banner with an icon of Christ and stole the pectoral cross from a priest.

The woman shooting the video demanded to know why the UOC was holding a procession and also shouted obscenities and threats, including, “Death to our enemies!”

Police were present at the scene who tried to calm the radicals and break up the fighting.

The confrontation begins at about 6:30 in the video:

Dozens of participants in the cross procession have prepared an appeal to law enforcement and international monitoring organizations “about the commission of criminal offenses by a number of radical individuals,” reports the Nezhin Diocese.

Evidence of the beating of priests and women has been collected and documented.

Many of the radicals showed themselves to be mentally disturbed, the Diocese writes, noting that they began to scream incomprehensible sounds when the wonderworking icons appeared. One man even attacked the clergy and sacred objects with a severed hoof. Another threw feces at the icons.

Meanwhile, “Archbishop” Athanasy Shkurupy of Kharkov of the schismatic OCU commented on the video that if the Orthodox Church is not banned in Ukraine and such processions are not “harshly dispersed,” the Ukrainian state will soon be lost.

“Such ‘processions’ should be harshly dispersed, so there is no more desire to come out on the side of the enemy,” the schismatic writes.

He also denigrates his fellow Ukrainians, saying: “Our soldiers gave their lives for these lowlifes.”

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