Only the Vaccinated & Masked Will Be Able to go to Church in Persecuted Ukraine

The war against the Church continues in Ukraine. . .

When the Volyn region enters the "red zone" of quarantine restrictions, only people vaccinated against coronavirus will be free to visit churches, the deputy head of the Volyn regional state administration Liudmila Timoshchuk said at a briefing in the regional state administration. The official warned that Volyn region is steadily entering the "red zone" and stricter quarantine restrictions will apply. All public institutions will only be able to work for those who have been vaccinated, she said.

"We have no other choice than to follow the path proposed by European states: those who have been vaccinated should get more opportunities in social life during the next wave of COVID-19", confessed the deputy head of the Regional State Administration. The church is subject to quarantine restrictions on a par with other institutions.

"I also appeal to clergymen and parishioners: the same epidemic measures that were in effect at the beginning of the quarantine will be in effect in churches", said Timoschuk, "restriction of distance and stay in the church, and only vaccinated people can freely visit institutions, but [must also] wear masks. About the masks I emphasize: both vaccinated and unvaccinated should wear masks, because vaccinated does not mean uninfected".

Source: (Russian)

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