New Policy: Bible Off the Shelves in Texas School District - US Most Conservative State

Originally appeared at: The Christian Post

A North Texas school district is reviewing dozens of books — including the Bible — to ensure they meet new school board standards.

Keller Independent School District, located in the northwest Dallas-Fort Worth area, sent an email Tuesday to the district's principals and librarians asking staff to "review books that were challenged last year" under new policies approved by the district earlier this month, Keller ISD spokesperson Bryce Nieman told The Christian Post.

Included on the full list of 41 books being challenged are the Bible, Toni Morrison's novel The Bluest Eye and a graphic novel version of The Diary of Young Girl by Anne Frank.

One of the entries on the list is a challenge submitted by a parent in November 2021, which references "The Bible (any variation- King James or otherwise)," listing the author as "Men who lived a long time ago- no 1 exact author exist (sp) for these books."

The challenge was withdrawn a month later, according to the district.

A review of another parent-submitted challenge citing "all versions" of the Bible submitted in February resulted in the book remaining in its current location.

The challenged titles by Morrison and Frank also cleared the review process and remained in their current location.

But Tuesday's email calls for schools to remove those books from libraries again so they can undergo further review under the school district's new guidelines. 

In response to questions about Tuesday's email, Neiman said all the titles listed in the email have appeared on the challenge list over the past year. 

"Books that meet the new guidelines will be returned to the libraries as soon as it is confirmed they comply with the new policy," he added.

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