Facebook Censures "Glory to God" Expression as "Hate Speech" in Brazil

At least since mid-June this has been happening on the platform

Facebook is censoring as "hate speech" the mere posting of the words "Glory to God!" or "Glory to God! Hallelujah!" in any comment to any post on its platform. At least since mid-June of this year this has been happening, and it used to be sporadic, but now it is general.

Several users of the platform have done the test for themselves by typing in the comments of any post the words "Glory to God!" or "Glory to God! Hallelujah" and receiving the following message, which immediately appears on their screen: "It is possible that this comment does not follow Community Standards. Your comment is on Facebook, but is similar to other comments removed for not following our standards on hate speech." The user then has two options: either to delete the posted comment immediately, or to ignore it at his own risk, which may lead to a possible "clampdown" by the social network administrators.

We sent a message to Facebook and are still waiting for explanations from the platform administrators.

Source: cpadnews.com.br (Portuguese)

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