Greek Bishop Banned 14 Unvaccinated Priests from Ministry, Believers Called that a "Satanic Measure"

They're quite right to say this. Compelling priests to inject themselves with experimental gene therapy made from the cells of aborted babies is indeed satanic. . .

Originally appeared at: Union of Orthodox Journalists

Believers are of the opinion that the conduct of Metropolitan Dionysios, who banned 14 unvaccinated priests from the ministry, "disturbed the peace of mind of the flock."

Believers in the island of Zakynthos in Greece believe that the removal from service by Metropolitan Dionysius of 14 priests of the diocese who refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19 is a "satanic measure", according to the Vima Orthodoxias publication.

Supporters of priests, who's refused to vaccinate, scattered leaflets in the streets of Zakynthos, thus expressing their stance on banning the priests from ministry.

In their text, they accuse the Zakynthos Metropolis of "inhuman and illegal actions", that the conduct of Metropolitan Dionysios "disturbed the peace of mind of the flock."

According to ERT, believers called the decision and actions of the Zakynthos Metropolis "satanic". It is also reported that the current situation on the island is difficult, since if 14 priests persist with their decision of vaccination opt-out and if not replaced, there will be a lot of problems in the parishes and villages of Zakynthos, which will be left without priests and services on the eve of Christmas.

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