Traditional Catholic Bishop Defends Russia's Position on Ukraine, Condemns 'Foolish Europe' & USA

Originally appeared at: Lichtsender

Editor's Note: We would like to make it clear that the Russian Faith team is flatly opposed to the pan-heresy of Ecumenism, rejecting any common prayer and union with heretics, be they Catholic, Protestant, Oriental Orthodox etc., in accordance with the teaching of the Orthodox Church and its canons. However, we occasionally share texts written by Catholics (& others) only when the content of the text remains completely within the bounds of sound doctrine.

"Among heads of state, there is only one who stands up to the forces of evil. It is Vladimir Putin, who, though not an angel or a saint, is a man of reason and courage. 

Russians are fighting in Ukraine, but not to crush and destroy Ukraine. Putin's goal is to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. But the stupid Europe, following the USA, wants to destroy Russia, and the war could get worse. 

The real aggressor is not who it seems to be. The USA has been provoking Russia for several years through Ukraine. 

Because Russia is the last obstacle to their one-world order."


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