Immoral & Inhumane: Western Regimes' Double Standards on Ukraine & Palestine - Jerusalem Bishop

“The Ukrainian crisis was created by America and its group [...] and they don’t care about the people and what they may be exposed to, but only their economic and political interests. . ."

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity


“The double standards that we are witnessing today in our world clearly indicate the aggravation of the moral crisis and the lack of human values ​​among some brutal Western regimes,” says one of the most influential hierarchs of the Jerusalem Patriarchate.

In a radio interview on March 23, His Eminence Archbishop Theodosios (Hannah) of Sebastia spoke about how the world condemns the war in Ukraine while ignoring Palestinian people’s suffering under Israeli occupation, he writes on his Facebook page.

Abp. Theodosios has repeatedly spoken out in defense of the Palestinian people.

“The political system in the West is crying over Ukraine while it’s the one that created this crisis,” the Archbishop said. Why do they mourn the victims of Ukraine but not those of the wars they started in various other places, he asks.

“America and its allies destroyed Iraq and committed war crimes against its people, and we are witnessing what is happening in Syria and all the devastation of wars they created in the region,” His Eminence said strongly.

“These international double standards in our world clearly show the deep levels of the state of immorality and lack of human values many western regimes have reached,” the Jerusalem hierarch said.

The Palestinian people are victims of racism, occupation, and oppression and have been subjected to various calamities, Abp. Theodosios says, “however, we haven’t seen those elevated levels of condemnations from those countries similar to what we are witnessing with Ukraine. Don’t the Palestinians deserve this solidarity, this support?! After all those years of ongoing occupation, injustice, and oppression?!”

“What we are witnessing now is another proof of the ugliness of Western politics,” the fiery hierarch continued.

“It’s abundantly clear how they do not care about humanity, human rights, and dignity, but are only interested in their agendas, political and colonialist interests.”

“The Ukrainian crisis was created by America and its group because they want to sell their weapons and send their equipment, and they don’t care about the people and what they may be exposed to, but only their economic and political interests. Today, Western politics is showing its ugly side, biased towards everything that is evil and unjust in this world,” the hierarch said.

At the same time, Abp. Theodosios emphasizes that he doesn’t support the war, “and we hope that the war will end as soon as possible and that the language of dialogue and understanding will prevail to end crises and political differences.”

In conclusion, he speaks of President Zelensky, saying his speeches are full of contradictions, and it’s obvious that he is being directed by others, while its the Ukrainian people who pay the price.

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