Little Boy Healed by Relics of Romanian Holy Hierarch

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

Thanks to the recently-canonized St. Dionisie (Erhan) of Cetatea Alba and Ismail, a little boy regained his ability to walk and speak.

“Today, I want to make known to you a miracle that happened at the Monastery in Suruceni with Mihai, who began to speak after touching the relics of the Holy Hierarch Dionisie,” the boy’s mother told

Maria and her son Mihai are from the city of Orhei. Mihai was born healthy, and he began to walk and speak when he was about 13 months old. However, after receiving his last measles shot at 2 years old, the boy stopped walking on his feet and stopped talking, Maria recalls.

First they went around to doctors all throughout Moldova, but to no avail. Later, living in the U.S., they visited top specialists there, but again, to no avail.

“All attempts to save my child proved futile,” Maria recalls.

After returning to Moldova last year, desperate and not knowing what to do, she decided to take Mihai to St. George’s Monastery in Suruceni to venerate the relics of St. Dionisie at the suggestion of local priests.



St. Dionisie, a 20th-century hierarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, is a greatly beloved saint of Moldova. His relics were found to be incorrupt in July 2018 and he was canonized in October of that year.

Maria told Mihai all about the saint and explained what they would be doing at the monastery.

They attended the Divine Liturgy, and after receiving Holy Communion, they went to venerate St. Dionisie. While venerating the relics, Maria heard how her son said: “St. Nisie.”

Then they went to get prosphora and holy water, and the child exclaimed: “Yes, holy water!”

Thus, through Holy Communion and the intercession of St. Dionisie, little Mihai found healing.

“This is not a fable—it’s what Maria experienced with her child,” writes

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