Archaeological Evidence of the Prophet Jeremiah - Ancient Seals Unearthed in Israel

Originally appeared at: Pravmir

Archaeological discoveries have come to light, linked to the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah, according to a scripture expert.

Tom Meyer, a professor in Bible studies at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, US, has previously highlighted the discovery of an ancient seal in Jerusalem, which he said belonged to the prophet Isaiah (749 to 686 BC).

The Bible expert has now discussed similar archaeological treasures, which he believes are linked to the Bible’s prophet Jeremiah. Historians estimate he was born around 650 BC during the reign of King Josiah of Judah.

Professor Meyer told Express: “Archaeological evidence from the City of David in Jerusalem has been unearthed that confirms the existence of even the most obscure persons mentioned in the Bible, thus proving once again that the Bible’s historical accuracy stands up to the keenest of scrutiny.

“In 1982, Israeli archaeologists were excavating the layer of ruins from the time of Jerusalem’s destruction by Babylon in 586 BC.

“In a place that has now been labelled ‘The Bullae House’, archaeologists discovered over 50 bullae or seals dating to the time of the famous Jeremiah the prophet.”

This room is believed to have stored in the past a number of papyrus documents.

The documents themselves, unfortunately, did not survive but their clay seals did.

A bulla was a seal fashioned from a lump of clay that bore the impression of its owner.

In this particular case, Professor Meyer said one of the discovered seals was stamped with the name of an individual who had a connection to Jeremiah.

He said: “Bullae were used for the purpose of sealing or authenticating documents of importance.

“One of these seals mentions a person named ‘Gemariah the son of Shaphan’.”

Gemariah is mentioned in passing in Jeremiah 36, as an official scribe under King Jehoiakim.

The Bible expert added: “He is probably most famous for pleading with that wicked king not to burn the scroll of Jeremiah which contained prophecies concerning the disasters Yahweh was about to inflict upon the kingdom of Judah.”

But the discoveries do not end there. Two more seals linked to the Biblical prophet were discovered in a private collection housed in London.

The seals were stamped with the name of “Baruch son of Neriah” who is described in the Bible as a friend and scribe of Jeremiah.

One of these seals even contained a fingerprint, which may have even belonged to Baruch himself.

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