Buds Blossomed on Crown of Ancient Crucifix in Saratov Church

In the Church of the Nativity of Christ in the village of Vyazovka, in the Saratov region, a miracle happened, as the parishioners believe - buds blossomed on the crown of an ancient crucifix.

As the rector of the church, priest Alexey Novichkov, told IA "Region 64", this happened in early March, but it received wide publicity only a few days ago.

"It's a crucifix. It's ancient, apparently from the 18th century. It has a very unusual history. Earlier, the crucifix even had myrrh, the testimonies of parishioners are preserved. And the buds on the wreath blossomed. It is made of pink stems", - explained the clergyman to our correspondent, who recommended to look articles about the crucifixion on the website of the Saratov diocese.

Stories about the main relic of the Elm church say that the crucifix was given to it in 2000. Then Father Sergius Zakharia at the consecration of the house of a parishioner saw in one of the rooms a sculptural image of Jesus Christ, carved out of wood and badly damaged. The crucifix was repaired, after which the image was to be nailed to a cross. According to eyewitnesses, when this was done, at the end of a thanksgiving service, Father Sergius laid his hands on the crucifix and took pictures of it, and then the pictures showed red spots, similar to blood, in the place where the relic was lying. There are also evidences of healings of parishioners who turned to the crucifix.

According to Priest Alexei Novichkov, the incident did not create a stir in the church.

"For some, what happened is a miracle, and for some, it's just spring. After all, for some people the fact that the sun has risen is a miracle. Everyone perceives it differently. The number of parishioners in the temple is almost the same, about 5-7 people come each day. We all need to hurry to the main miracle - Holy Communion, which takes place in every temple," concluded the priest.

Source: sarnovosti.ru (Russian)