Half of All Orthodox Clergy in Africa Want to Join Russian Orthodox Church

The African clergy wants to leave the Alexandrian Church because of Hellenism implanted by the Greek hierarchs, said Priest Georgy Maksimov.

Originally appeared at: UOJ
About half of the clergy of the Alexandrian Patriarchate wish to leave for the Russian Orthodox Church because the Greek hierarchs ignored the needs of African Orthodox Christians and imposed Hellenism on them. This was told by the Candidate of Theology, a member of the Inter-Council Presence of the Russian Orthodox Church, Priest Georgy Maksimov in the lecture hall of the Russian Orthodox University "Krapivensky 4", according to the telegram channel "‘Chrisma’ Center”.

The priest believes that the presence of the Russian Church on the African continent will help to promote local Orthodoxy and heal earlier schisms, but this requires significant efforts and funds. Father Georgy predicts this will continue for more than one year under the close scrutiny of the opponents of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Earlier, the Alexandrian Patriarchate decided to ordain 6 new bishops, 5 of whom are Greeks.

As reported by the UOJ, the ROC established the Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa and decided to receive 102 clergy of the Alexandrian Patriarchate from eight African countries, who did not succeed in persuading their bishops not to recognize the OCU and not to enter into communion with schismatics.

Later, the Church of Alexandria expressed "deep sorrow" over the establishment of the Exarchate, while Phanar pledged it would do everything possible to restore canonical order in Africa.

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