MUST WATCH: RFK Speech in Times Square Exposes Covid as a Plot by Elites to Destroy Freedoms

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Bobby Kennedy Jr. gave an extraordinary 35 minute speech on Saturday in Times Square in New York City, destroying the Covid scam, and bringing out important new information.

There is no way to embed the video here from the write-up on his site, Children's Health Defense, so the best we can do is give you a link and send you over there.

The write-up on CHD doesn't even begin to explain why the speech is fantastic, and we seriously urge you to make it a priority to watch the speech as soon as possible and spread the word.

He starts with his usual excellent factual analysis about why the vaccines are in fact, not safe at all, and why Fauci is obviously a fraud. Then he goes into discussion of how the elite's handling of the covid crisis from the very beginning has been one long violation of the US constitution on many, many levels, and that we have basically had our freedoms ripped away from us. Some of this stuff was new for us, and again, excellent.

The real kicker, however comes in the last third of the speech. In it he suggests who he thinks is behind the whole Covid phenomenon, and he argues that it is basically a global cabal of US and UK intelligence agencies. The reason he thinks this is because he is familiar with these agencies' decades old methodologies for subduing and taking over 3rd world countries, and argues that what was done in the US and around the world seems to be right out of that playbook. He also brings up his own family's battles with these agencies, leading ultimately to the assassination of his uncle JFK and his father RFK by these globalist psychopaths.

Extraordinary information, and very compelling. RFK Jr. speaks extemporaneously for the whole speech, and is devastatingly convincing.

Like we said, must watch. RFK's speech starts at the 7.55 mark and goes to the end.

Here's the link:

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