Listen To Amazing Composition ST MATTHEW PASSION By Russian Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev

In the video below, you can enjoy a complete performance of his The Passion According to Saint Matthew.

St Matthew Passion is a monumental work, composed for soloists, choir and orchestra.

This composition combines a traditional approach with the clarity and originality of the presentation. It is the work of a professional composer, seeking inspiration in the traditions of church music of Eastern and Western Christianity, a composer who has also, in many years service as a priest, brought the word of God to His people. This composition is unique in the history of contemporary music, in its musicality, its variety and coherence, and its emotional and spiritual depth.

(Credit to Hilarion Alfeyev, composer and conductor )

The work is based on the description of the Gospel according to St Matthew. This story is divided into sixteen parts and performed in Russian in the style usually adopted for the reading of the Gospel in Orthodox churches. Excerpts from the Gospel are interspersed with music recitative, choruses, fugues and arias the text of which is mostly taken from the services held by Orthodox Christians during Holy Week. Occasionally the text has been simplified or otherwise adapted by the composer. Some pieces are for orchestra alone, others for choir alone, while in many both appear, complementing each other.

The work is divided into four thematic parts, each of which has its own composition, including various pieces for choral, orchestral and solo performance. Within each part, the pieces are performed without interruption.

Each part contains a fugue, which constitutes one of the most important structural elements of the work. Beautiful and powerful music, full of energy and dynamism.

Performances in Moscow (27 March 2007), Rome (29 March 2008), Melbourne (29 September 2007) and Toronto (25 October 2008) received standing ovation.

Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev studied composition at Moscow Gnessins School of Music and subsequently at the Moscow State Conservatory. In 1987 he was ordained priest, and since 2002 he is as a bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church. He is the author of more than 600 publications, including 20 books which have been translated into major European languages. His musical compositions include the Divine Liturgy (2006) and All-Night Vigil (2006) for the choir a capella, the Christmas Oratorio for soloists, boys choir, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2007), A Song of the Ascent , a choral symphony on the Psalms (2008). Bishop Hilarion has been living and working in Austria since 2003.

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