Epic Prayer Sung During Lent: “We Bow to Thy Cross, O Lord, and Glorify Thy Resurrection’

Sung by the terrific Russian choir "Sofia", this prayer stuns with its beauty and power.

We continue our series of terrific church music with one of the most powerful prayers of the Russian church cycle:“We Bow to Thy Cross, O Lord, and Glorify Thy Resurrection." 

This prayer, sung by the Russian choir "Sofia", stuns with its beauty and power.

The prayer is sung on the third Sunday of Lent, which is dedicated to the glorious Cross of the Lord. The clergy and the congregation make three full prostrations as it is sung to honor Christ's suffering on the Cross. 

This version was composed by Peter Goncharov (1888-1970).

Here are the words: 

“Before Thy Cross, we bow down in worship, O Master,

And we glorify Thy holy resurrection!

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