Beautiful, Unearthly Hymn Chanted by Russian Orthodox Choir in Empty Church

the acoustics of the empty church, the words of the prayer, the velvet voices, or the incredible harmonization of these four Russian men--but this recording will make you shiver

This article from our archives was first published on RI in June 2022

It’s hard to understand, what it is--the acoustics of the empty church, the words of the prayer, or the incredible way the voices of these four Russian men interweave, echo and disappear--but this recording will make you shiver… or feel as though you’re soaring in the sky.

This hymn is sung during the Russian Orthodox Church Service during Great Lent, the forty-day fast that precedes Easter. Traditionally, it is sung by a trio or quartet in the middle of the church, as all believers drop to their knees.

We haven’t been able to track which choir this is, so please, please let us know if you have any idea (and where can we get a CD?).

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