A Mother Is a Woman, a Father Is a Man - A European Nation Disscusses Amending the Constitution


Hungarian Minister of Family Affairs Katalin Novak explained why it is important to protect the traditional family at the legislative level.

We do not violate a taboo by claiming that the mother is a woman and the father is a man. Protecting minorities does not mean depriving the majority of their rights. In an interview with Hetek, Katalin Novak, the Hungarian Minister for Family, Youth and International Relations, spoke about the aim of the Hungarian government's proposed amendment to the Family Protection Act, in which they intend to consolidate the concept of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and also only to allow the adoption of children by married couples.

Katalin Novak. Photo: hetek.hu

“The purpose of the amendment is to guarantee the safe development of children in the long term in response to the challenges of our time,” the Minister explained. “We do not break the taboo by asserting that the mother is a woman, the father is a man, and that a little girl has the right to grow up as a little girl, and a little boy has the right to grow up as a little boy. Today we must state the obvious, and we must do this in order to protect the majority, because protecting minorities does not mean depriving the majority of their rights.”

She stressed that the concept of legislative changes regarding the adoption of children only by married couples also primarily takes into account the interests of the child.

In addition, Novak added, it is necessary to rid kindergartens and schools of gender propaganda, because "if we deprive children of the assurance that they are a boy or a girl, we harm them."

“When an adult does something about his sexual identity, that is his own business. Children must be protected from being used as a means of propaganda, and this is exactly what parents expect from us,” the Hungarian minister said.

As for the European Commission, which presented its so-called LGBT strategy for the coming years and suggests considering gender rights as a fundamental value in all EU member states, then, according to Katalin Novak, the European Commission "has taken on the role of a prison guard and wants to lock member states in an ideological prison."

“We are a nation with a strong sense of identity, and the representation of Hungary’s interests does not depend on whether twenty people are on our side or we are alone,” stressed the representative of the Hungarian government.

As reported by the UOJ, Poland and Hungary blocked the EU budget due to the policy of promoting LGBT people.