Raw Footage (1986) of the Holy Men From Russian Bestseller 'Everyday Saints'

It's unbelievable, seeing them face to face...

This article from our archives was first published on RI in October 2017

More than 20 years ago, Bishop Tikhon Shevkunov--now a massive celebrity in Russia, but back then just a monk in the Pskov Caves Monastery--somehow got his hands on a primitive video camera.

He started filming life in the ancient Russian monastery. 

More recently (in 2011), Bishop Tikhon released a book, Everyday SaintsIt immediately gained wild popularity for its simple, witty and vivid depictions of modern monks living a holy life.

Here, in an incredibly raw, authentic way, you can actually see them face to face.

Truly an amazing experience. Just watch. 

Everyday Saints (2011) is by far the best-selling book in Russia in decades, selling in the 10s of millions of copies. The book compiles simple, poignant stories about the holy men who lived in Pskov Monastery a few decades ago.

It is available in English in an excellent translation by the American writer Julian Lowenfeld, famous for his translations of Russian poetry.  (Amazon)

The runaway success of the book not only made Bishop Tikhon a celebrity, it also helped fund a gorgeous new church in Moscow. 

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