A Modern Tower of Babel: Ecumenism - Unity With the Unrepentant

Masonry and Ecumenism go hand in hand, seeking to subvert traditional Christian teachings, doctrine, and dogma on every level. This is essential for the establishment and advancement of the globalist agenda.

The goal of the spirit of Ecumenism is the destruction of Truth — thus it hates Orthodoxy most of all. We should not be surprised that it seeks to destroy It.

Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower, whose top will reach to heaven; and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the earth” (Gen. 11: 4).

The goal of modern Ecumenism is global religious pseudo-unity; it is Anti-Church (Ecclesia), that is, it seeks to create a new “body” which will be perfectly disposed to receive a new “head.” (Note: I am using Ecumenism in its modern sense of blending, through a common system, all groups which claim to be Christian, and beyond, into one new mode of existence. I acknowledge that there is a positive and ancient usage of the word Ecumenical, which is not being applied throughout this article.)

The Tower of Babel

At present we have the liberty of surveying the phenomenon of modern Ecumenism over, roughly, the past century. From such a vantage point we may now arrive at fairly conclusive conclusions regarding its true intentions and goals. The fact that such honorable figures as Fr. George Florovsky, for instance, were in their time open to participation in the ecumenical movement in no way confirms that it has a positive nature. Such early Orthodox participants were in some way right to be hopeful, hopeful that maybe ecumenism would be a platform where one may witness to the Truth of Orthodoxy. Years have proven this is not the case. Their hope was unfounded. 

It is very evident that modern Ecumenism is rooted upon Anti-Orthodox and indeed Anti-Christ principles and goals. The theology about the nature of the Church has been covered very substantially by others. My goal is not to reiterate these very real and true theological points in this post, with which every serious Orthodox Christian should be at least generally familiar (good starting points are the writings of New-Heiromartyr Hilarion Troitsky and St. Justin Popovich). My goal here is to briefly elucidate two points which further expose the sinister and ungodly nature of modern Ecumenism.

First – Ecumenism is an ideology promoted by the powerful “elite” of this world. It is a means of controlling and eviscerating true religion of all vitality. It must be understood, and one can freely investigate this fact, that the control and manipulation of religion are bound up, in the minds of the global “elite,” with control of the world. Religion is constantly being weaponized by them for this end. Suffice for this blog to bring forward one witness, that of the Rockefellers, which serves as a general example of the united goals of the elite “powers.”

John Rockefeller Jr. was an ardent supporter of Ecumenism and one might say a co-founder of its ideology. He, together with others, recognized that religion must be molded and used to promote the message and agenda that the world powers desire (as a side note, he also supported Protestant missions because he observed that Protestantism predisposes its recipients to the commercialism and industry of the West). This is not a far-fetched conspiracy theory. One of the official biographies on the Rockefeller family, by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, makes this point very clear. The network of power control “extended … from oil and banking, through foreign policy and education, religion and medicine, politics and art” (pg. 140). They sought to use every means possible, including religion, to consolidate power and to promote the message of the “new” world.

Speaking for the global agenda, John Jr. says, “I see all denominational emphasis set aside … I see the Church molding the thought of the world as it never has before … I see it literally establishing the Kingdom of God on earth” (pg. 151) From this statement we may glean a few insights:

First, all doctrinal value must be deemphasized; all confessions must be decentralized from doctrine (note, I do not condone the confusion of denominationalism, a phenomenon of Protestantism, yet that confusion is used as justification to dismantle, which most likely is its true goal, true Christian doctrine and dogma). Its rallying cry is unity around anti-doctrine.

Second, the “Church” must be weaponized as a conveyor of the new thought which will, in turn, mold the world.

Third, the goal is the “Kingdom of God on earth,” i.e. a utopian ideal along the lines of chiliasm.

The Rockefellers actively sought to mold Christianity (generally speaking) to their views, the views of globalism. For this to be successful Christianity would need to be gutted of any and all “traditional” teachings. Most of all exclusive Truth claims. To this end, they actively supported and promoted various “modernist” clergy in churches and seminaries.

The Rockefellers were active pioneers in the Ecumenical movement. The Rockefeller vision is exemplified by a special “church” building which they constructed, “On October 5, 1930, six thousand people gathered for the opening service in the massive Gothic edifice of the Riverside Church … to symbolize the interdenominational spirit and its further reconciliation of religion and science, the tympanum arching the main portal contained the figures of non-Christian religious leaders and outstanding heroes of secular history, Confucius and Moses, Hegel and Dante, Mohammad and even the dread Darwin” (pg. 154).

This “church” building images the ultimate goal of ecumenism – the liquidation of unique truth claims and the amalgamation of all religions (together with scientism) into a giant generic world religion which will promote a “new” religious message. Millions of dollars were invested by this family alone into the Ecumenical movement, and they had a major hand in helping to establish the National Council of Churches (in the U.S.A.).

Keep in mind this is but one example of the elite power families which were and are actively involved in promoting globalization. It is vital to understand that a fundamental part of that agenda is Ecumenism. Let it be stressed – the global powers, which are truly antichrist, are some of the greatest proponents and supporters of Ecumenism. In fact through the extensive use of their money and power the ideology of Ecumenism was and is promoted to this day. It is not a grassroots movement, nor is it some grand “move of the Holy Spirit,” although a spirit is definitely involved.

Second – Ecumenism has been persistently promoted and gained traction in the Orthodox Church through very dubious characters and means. (This does not refer to some who participated early on, as noted above, in hope of truly witnessing to the Truth of Orthodoxy, but to those who began to willingly sell out and subsequently became active purveyors of the spirit of Ecumenism in Orthodoxy, even to this day.) An early prominent adherent and promoter of Ecumenism within the Orthodox Church was the Ecumenical Patriarch Meletios IV of ignominious memory. It is abundantly clear that his great support for Ecumenism was rooted in his own alliance to Masonry. It is well documented and established that he was a very ardent Mason. He labored diligently to undermine Orthodoxy and to supplant it with Ecumenism, violating, while he did so, the canons and ethos of the Church.

Another Ecumenist Mason Ecumenical Patriarch was Athenagoras I. He also worked against the Church by preaching the false gospel of Masonic Ecumenism. Both of the above actively work for a diluting of Orthodoxy and a general blending of it with “Western Christendom.” The fact that neither of the above has been officially condemned because of their well-established Masonry is very disturbing. May it be that the EP is now so set upon this agenda that it will not speak a word against it but rather attempt to dress it up in the best possible facade? If so, the sickness in Istanbul is a grave situation which must be addressed by all God-fearing Orthodox.

Here is a well documented source on this issue: https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/article/influence-freemasonry-early-greek-ecumenism

And here is another: http://www.events.orthodoxengland.org.uk/category/the-phanar/

Masonry and Ecumenism go hand in hand. (Masonry is condemned by the Orthodox Church.) In fact, Ecumenism may be called Masonic thought applied on a broader scale. Both envision the destruction of Truth and the establishment of an anti-truth. Both seek to subvert traditional Christian teachings, doctrine, and dogma on every level. Both agree that this is essential for the establishment and advancement of the globalist agenda.

This venom of the devil, introduced through Ecumenism, is at the root of many current “problems” in Orthodoxy. Ultimately, that’s its goal – to agitate and to divide (if possible). Clearly, the Essence of the Church remains inviolate, but this poison may do damage to many souls. The goal of the spirit of Ecumenism is the destruction of Truth; thus it hates Orthodoxy most of all. We should not be surprised that it seeks to destroy It.

Of late, the pseudo-council of Crete attempted to normalize Ecumenism and its Neo-Babel establishment, The World Council of Churches (WCC). Let is be understood that the World Council of Churches is an Ecumenist whore house which prostitutes away all that is beautiful and good in Christianity to the perverse masters of this age. It is the epitome of anti-doctrine and the unity of anti-truth. The WCC is the storehouse and promoter of pan-heresy. The false council of Crete sought to justify and normalize the heresy of Ecumenism as exemplified in the WCC. And it will not stop there.

The current situation in Ukraine is but another sore which has its roots in this demonic teaching. The Patriarch of Istanbul (Constantinople fell in 1453 AD) having been infected with Ecumenism’s false teachings of “unity,” and moreover become a willing proponent of it, is but applying this false teaching to the schismatics in Ukraine. From the heretical viewpoint of Ecumenism, unity devoid of deeper principle, his actions are just (why can’t we all just hold hands and sing kumbaya with the schismatics?); yet according to the teachings of the True Church, they are a terrible violation of true Unity. (Moreover, the obvious goal to undermine the Rus’ian Church which is emerging as a proponent and defender of True and Traditional Orthodoxy, may God preserve her!)

Remember, True Unity is founded upon the True Revelation of God in His Chruch, this is the Unity that we are instructed to seek and defend. Nowhere are Orthodox taught to seek out a vague and amorphous unity, simply for the sake of “unity.” 

Fr. Zechariah Lynch & his wife Natalia

The sad realization must be made, there have been willing accomplices from within the Orthodox Church Herself. They have worked from within to spread a false leaven. They must be identified and their anti-Church actions must be condemned for what they are, with the hope that they repent of their anti-Church actions.

A very positive and needed first step in expunging the plague of Ecumenism is the severing of all ties with heretical Ecumenist groups such as the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches. As long as a channel is left open we will suffer the ill effects. I would be naive to think that the EP has been the only one involved.

May all Orthodox bishops, clergy, and laity stop fellowship with this darkness. Let us as Orthodox repent of our selling out to false gods and our offering of sacrifices on the high places Baal. Let us return to the worship of the One True God in the one true place of His Glory, the True Jerusalem, the Holy Orthodox Church. Let us regain the true Ecumenical vision: Holy Orthodoxy is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Let any who so desire come to the One Church of Christ, tried throughout the ages and faithful through all times. Many any who have ears to hear, come.

(Note: Clearly there must be a degree of cooperation with other Christian groups on certain issues, such as social and moral, but this can be achieved outside of new world order structures such as the anti-christ WCC. I am not advocating an isolationism — this, of course, would be unrealistic — Rather, I am advocating a rejection of the pan-heresy of Neo-Babel Ecumenism.)

Fr. Zechariah Lynch is an Orthodox priest in Pueblo, Colorado, at the Archangel Michael Orthodox Church. He blogs at The Inkless Pen, and is a regular contributor at Russian Faith.

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