Many Westerners Find Their New Homes in Russia [Video]

RT’s video featuring John Kopiski hardly the anomaly one might think, as many Westerners have fled east to Russia’s welcoming arms.

Originally appeared at: TD

By the suggestion of one of my readers, we present this video done by Russia Today (“RT”).

Before we dive in, it is important to note that John Kopiski is just one of an increasingly large group of Westerners who have left the ease and comfort of the extraordinarily highly “developed” West for a different life in the vast nation of Russia.

I am one of these myself, having moved to Russia in 2015, fleeing the Obama-led efforts to rip the cultural and traditional foundations of the US away. I found all manner of great blessings in Russia: a strong Church, my wife, a great deal of work and a place where I make contact with people doing extremely interesting things, from the highest levels of government and the Church to the everyday work of the amazing Russian people.

An American priest, Fr. Joseph Gleason, came to Russia with his wife and eight children to set up shop in Velikiy Rostov, some distance from Moscow. Compared with his experience, I am a city slicker that has it easy. He is the vanguard of a hoped-for American Orthodox Christian “community” that lives in a less frenetic way than one finds in the cities. Through the website Russian Faith, Fr. Joseph analyzes church events in the US as well as to document and report on the culture war taking place in the US. Both of us are highly advantaged by our “outside the fishbowl” perspective on the United States, and while both of us are undeniably American, being here helps give us some ability to not be picked up and carried in the “waves” of passions there.

Russia gives us sobriety in that sense.

Now, we introduce John Kospiski, a British national who came to Russia some forty years ago and whose life is so radically reshaped by life here that for the Russian neighbors around his and those who work with him, he is himself, “simply Russian.”

We hope you enjoy this. There is plenty of room and plenty of welcome for any more Americans wanting to flee the West!

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