Lenin Was a Terrorist – Remove Him From the Red Square (Video, Smirnov)

Why is 'the main terrorist that has ever walked the earth' still in the heart of Moscow? 

Many people are wondering what, if Russia has rejected its anti-Christian Communist ideology, on earth is Lenin's entombed body still doing in the Red Square, the historical heart of Moscow? 

Fr. Dmitry Smirnov, is wondering the same thing about the man he calls 'the main terrorist that has ever walked the earth.'


 Good evening, Fathers! I have a question please. The Bible commandments say not to create an idol and for me it doesn’t make sense that we have an idol right at the Red Square. What is the Russian Orthodox Church doing to remove him from there? And at the same time our political leaders like the President, the Prime Minister are going to the Services and leading parades right there etc. You understand what I mean.

Yes, of course. Though the idol isn’t there. The idol is standing in Moscow at the Oktyabrskaya Square. Only his ashes are there at the Red Square.

What is the Russian Orthodox Church doing? I belong to the Russian Orthodox Church and have already completed about 1500 requests to remove this infection from the Red Square. I even came up with a place. Because they all want to bury him in Saint Petersburg near his dear mother, but I believe this infection should be buried at the opposite side of the moon, so that one couldn’t see that from anywhere. I have this costly but super effective idea. And I am ready to donate my two salaries for that.

This is the main terrorist, here we are at the moment struggling with terrorism, but he was the main terrorist that has ever walked the earth.

Patriarch Aleksey many times asked for removal of the cemetery in general from the center of Moscow.  It’s just the wrong place! Of course, he meant also that villain who is lying there.

We can ask…Well, I think that some time will pass and…you see, our leaders probably don’t want to stress out those who feel very sensitive on that issue, on those people who still believe him to be sacred.

Though I don’t think that it should stress them out because the other idol Josef Stalin (better to say Dzhugashvili) was buried, in just a single night, and no one said anything, 300 million USSR people were silent, there was no a single opposition either for telephone or telegrams, they just buried him like many others at once.

Of course Gennady Adreevitch (Zuganov), God give him strength) would be against this , but obviously that’s is his job, as he belongs to the Communist party. This is his official line.

Communism is a religion, like many other religions, even like our brothers the Evangelicals, chose a few things from church rituals.

We have saint’s relics, they artificially created mummies, we have a religious processions, they have parades, we have baptisms, they invented something like a “star-devotion”,

All Communists could do was mimic other religions. They made the claim that there is no God, but still created a religion, a religion that’s actually very intolerant towards other religions.

If Christianity is a highly tolerant religion to what concerns other religions, I mean though we don’t accept heresy as official religion and truth, we never start religious wars.

Communists killed Christian people massively, killed the priests, Churches were burnt down, the icons were totally destroyed, and all the Church interiors were ruined.

We are doing what we can. It’s obvious that it doesn’t all depend on us.  

The only advice I can give you is: create a society that raises awareness and rallies to get rid of all idols from our cities. And get rid of that hated name! The Germans, for example, removed all Hitler`s images in Berlin, renamed streets and squares, removed pictures and everything that reminded them of Hitler. We should do the same.  We need to get rid of all the Lenin squares and streets, everything what reminds us of this bald mug Lenin. Because there is no worse villain for our people than Lenin. Even Hitler caused us less harm than Lenin did.

See, we refer to Nazism as something absolutely impermissible; same should happen with Communism. We are still reaping the results of Communism. The entire nation was destroyed! The people were destroyed, massively killed, and the only reason that our population is dying out today is that ideology. We will not look into the topic detail at the moment, but it’s easy to point by point, what the crime of Communism is against our nation. Now we are already discussing this openly, so let`s keep the work up.

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