Companies with Million-Dollar Budgets are Behind Ukraine “Transfers” to Schismatic OCU "Churches"

Lawyers representing the interests of UOC communities in courts revealed what is really happening regarding the "transfers" to the OCU.

Originally appeared at: UOJ

During a meeting of the Obukhiv Vicariate of the Kyiv Eparchy, lawyers representing the interests of UOC communities in courts told priests that during these "transfers" to the OCU, all matters are overseen by "one and the same famous group of legal companies" with a very large budget, reports Dialog.tut.

"It looks like the processes of transferring religious communities to the OCU are happening 'on their own'. However, it is known for a fact that a certain group enters the district and systematically, parish by parish, destroys it completely," the lawyers explained.

People's vote at the Bilohorodka stadium took place during an air raid alert. Photo: UOJ

According to them, it is not activists or the local community that opposes the UOC parishes but rather a "large budget". Moreover, who receives this budget varies depending on the situation.

Initially, money is offered to the leadership of the local community (OTG). If the chairman or mayor refuses, professional activists are then engaged, touring districts and sometimes even entire regions. Initially, money is offered to the rectors of UOC churches to encourage them to voluntarily switch to the OCU.

According to the lawyers, when a "community meeting" is announced for the purpose of transferring to the OCU, it means that negotiations with local authorities have already taken place, and they have been successful. By the time the "meeting" is convened, the initiators already know that their illegal protocols will be accepted and registered, and the police will not allow believers to enter.

If the "meeting" does not produce the desired result, the chairmen can be deprived of bonuses or additional payments.

As previously reported, "Myriany" released a film about the technologies of raiding churches by supporters of the OCU.

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