'The Worst of All [Wars] Awaits Her' - Famous Greek Bishop Reveals Prophecy about America's Future, Urge Faithful to 'Make Preparations' (VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: Uncreated Light Press

Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou in this video discusses the difficult times we are now experiencing and he encourages people to prepare themselves with basic necessities. He goes on to explain that many more events will take place as a result of the current global situation. Finally, Metropolitan Neophytos shares some advice he received from his elder, the now canonized Saint Eumenios Saridakis.

"We should keep praying, 'My Christ, give me the patience and faith of the saints'. We will need these things, because there will be more than just the war [...] We should be praying for America because the worst of all awaits her. Poor America!"



May your years also be blessed, and may they be enlightened by the Holy Spirit! As you can see we entered dark times. This tends to happen in our history; that the light rotates with the darkness. Now... It is said that the darkest hour is the hour just before dawn. And you who are older, and who used to irrigate your fields at nighttime, you know that the darkest hour is just before the first light. This is what we are now living, and not because of our refugee state; which is prolonged and is about to be half a century in duration. (In reference to the occupied portion of Cyprus.)

But, rather, because of all these events that seem to give birth to even more events, unfortunately through much blood, and through many difficulties for all nations. And these also cause the evolution of the current situation. The men of God who we speak with, and who are able to see what the media of disinformation do not see, and what our politicians do not see and also the people of authority, whatever authority they may be, nowadays there are many authorities... Many times these unseen authorities are even more powerful.

So these people, who see these things, tell us about Cyprus. And I am obliged to tell these things to you, the people of Morphou. Because you are a hurt people for many many years now; you and also your children. Because we constantly live in a state of expectation, and expectation can be tiring. But when the wait is over, through patience and prayer, then comes rest. Our problem is to find those two things... In addition to the expectation of freedom which we must keep in our hearts regardless of how many years have passed.

Because the expectancy of Cyprus is to be united. As a saintly woman, who has now fallen asleep, showed to me... When I went to see the saintly Eldress Galaktia in Crete... Now it has been a year since she fell asleep. And she has filled the entire place with her miracles. She told me, "My bishop, this is how it will be, your island was like this." And she showed me her two hands united. "And they broke it apart. So because they broke it apart, God, not men, will create the necessary circumstances. Not the plans of men!" And she spread her fingertips, "this is how it will be reunited. Without war! There will be a terrible war elsewhere but not in Cyprus."

We should be praying for that "elsewhere" because they are also people; in Ukraine, in Libya, and in Vietnam. And in America because the worst of all awaits her. Poor America! We should keep praying, "My Christ, give me the patience and faith of the saints". We will need these things, because there will be more than just the war. The lack of food, fuel and medicines will also happen in Cyprus. So each of you make preparations.

So that none will say that the bishop is speaking about prophecies for years, but has not told us about these things. I am telling you. Prepare! We are living the second and a half year of the Third World War. But they simply are not saying this to us. And there is no need for it to come to our "neighborhood". Our "neighborhood" has burned many times already. That is why I plead with you, so that we may not have war events; only some minor incidents. After this worldly disarray and turbulence, and after World War Three, we shall have a unification and freeing of the entire island.

How? Because the Russians will cut off relations with the Turks, whatever they have done to Ukraine they will do tenfold to Turkey. That is why! These things will not take place in some magical way! And whoever wants to believe them... I am your Bishop, it is my duty to share my faith and experience with you. Whoever wants to follow me, keep these things in mind.

I plead with you, it is not just to equip our fridges and cellars. These things, if we do not learn to share with those who do not have, they will not last for long. The secret is to learn to share; your food, your medicine, your soul, your comfort, your love, and your support, especially with the weak. And one last thing that was left to us as a dowry...

The most recent Saint declared by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, he is a Cretan, Priest and Hieromonk who was my confessor when I was a University student, Elder Eumenios, a disciple of Saint Nikiforos the leper.

Among many things he would say to me - and now I have filled the internet saying these things so we can all benefit from them - it was this: "Deacon do you want...?" As you are now deacons, so was I back then. "Deacon do you want to see if you are on the road of God? You will not know this neither by great sermons neither by making the sign of cross with long motions. By fasting? Satan also fasts; he eats nothing", he told me, "You will know this through two things: you will examine your heart, do you easily forgive those who gave you bitterness and who wronged you? And your enemies? If you easily forgive, and quickly, then you are on the road of the saints. The second thing", he said, and there isn't a third, "look at how much patience you practice during sorrows, and when people come against you with accusations and slanders. When you practice patience with prayer and when you forgive, then you are on the road of Christ, the road of the saints, the road of Saint Mammes, of Saint George, and Saint Paraskevi."

On the road of freedom from our passions, but also from the Turks.

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