Greek Prophet: Russia Received Divine Authority To Fight the Antichrist (VIDEO + Transcript)

"While America now believes that it will rule the world by destroying Russia; it does not realize that it has dug its own grave [...] The war over Ukraine will be with NATO planes, but they will be defeated. . ."

This article from our archives was first published on RI in March 2022
Originally appeared at: Uncreated Light Press

Святая Русь vs «просвещенная» Европа - СПЖ - Союз православных журналистов



Stefanos Damianidis: Please tell me, Father Elpidios, about these, which you have commented on, about these unexpected weather phenomena. We see unexpected weather phenomena, even in our own country, this year I have heard of torrential rains, lightning, and...

Fr. Elpidios: Vagianakis: These are still nothing. These are just a precursor.

Stefanos Damianidis: But we also hear a lot of talk about an earthquake. Are all of these things precursors to that?

Fr. Elpidios: Vagianakis: These are also nothing. What follows will be much worse. Underground volcanoes will erupt to such an extent that the structure of the earth will change. Remember these words: The structure of the earth will change! America will undergo such terrible changes, so terrible, that it is to cry for! It is to cry for! It is to cry for!

Remember this, because it has allowed its heart to worship Satan, and Satan himself will destroy it now! Now they want to do the same through a global storm of war. But now this is God's will, and God's will does not change at all. Remember that! Russia will be the first, the first of the last three kingdoms of this world; of the current version of this world, to be more precise. And now it has the power and the authority from God to become the antichrist to the Antichrist (the enemy of the Antichrist). And while America now believes that it will rule the world by destroying Russia; it does not realize that it has dug its own grave.

All these deviations and advances they make are nothing more than a more shrewd attempt by the Americans to win the war, but it will not be so. The war that has already begun in Syria, which is one end of the bow, and it will now move to the other end of the bow, which is Northern Europe. And when I say Northern Europe, I am not referring to a Russia-Ukraine war, in which they believe that Ukraine will be destroyed by Russia. Ukraine is part of Russia, because that's where Russia's heart beats; in Kiev. The Russians know that too, so do the Ukrainians; the Russian-Ukrainians.

That is why the Germans tried to get their own people to lead the European Union, and to lead through their Protestant views, with their own presidents, and their own political pawns; to be able to separate Ukraine from Russia. But this is not possible, my child! The Saints of Russia and Ukraine will not allow it either! Ukrainians themselves will welcome the arrival of Russia; of Russia's apparent attack. If Russia hits Ukraine it is as if it is hitting itself, so it will not happen as we believe it will. The war over Ukraine will be with NATO planes, but they will be defeated.

Stefanos Damianidis: Do you see China's involvement?

Fr. Elpidios: Vagianakis: NATO will be defeated. What I see as a disaster is related to the Scandinavian countries. Unfortunately, some countries will make the catastrophic mistake, believing that the Americans will save them. The Americans will involve these countries in the game so that it can release its snake, and then it will abandon them.

Therefore, all the small states that will enter this war against Russia should remember that it is very stupid for a puppy to fight a bear. The only thing I would advise all these people.., As I did yesterday, when they called me from Romania and asked me, "Father, what should we Romanians do in this war with Ukraine and Russia?" The advice that I would also give to my own country would be, "Try to remember what a man does if he wants to save himself from a bear. He falls down and plays dead, and the bear does not harm him!

If you do not maintain neutrality, I told the Romanians, if you do not remain neutral, you will be destroyed! Unfortunately, this neutrality will not be maintained by all states. I will not name the states that will be destroyed. I will not name them because I do not want my words to be used at this time as attacks on those states that will suffer such great damage. But I see a great disaster in many countries. I regret that Scandinavia will be destroyed, because it will be persuaded by the Americans to take a stand against Russia. I am sorry for Georgia, which will take a stand in favor of NATO. I am sorry for Bulgaria and Latvia, and all these parties who, unfortunately, will side with the Americans.

It is better... If they have even a little intelligence. It is better to avoid this and remain neutral. Not to take the side of anyone, neither the Russians nor the Americans, if they want to save themselves! The same goes for us! (Greece) If we make this catastrophic mistake, we will be involved in a war that will occur ar lightning speeds and will be fought with new weapons, which we have never seen before. Russia is called by God, ordained by God, to destroy the American state right now. It is destined to destroy the satanic state of Europe and America; which surrendered themselves to Satan.

After that, know that the forerunner, the true forerunner of the Antichrist, will be China; a country that will be a model of perfect obedience and world imprisonment, which the devil wants to impose on all people! And he will achieve this! Therefore, let's be more careful! And I would like to tell you something else. Leave them alone, all those who are so smart and who talk about all of this nonsense, which we hear from them. If they want to be reasonable people, it is better for them to pray, because the following day will be very difficult. We won't have food the following day. The following day we will have no medicine to treat our illnesses with.

The following day when radioactivity and environmental pollution will greatly increase, the earth will no longer provide food. Do you understand, my dear Stefan, why my heart aches for what my eyes see?

Stefanos Damianidis: Please tell me, Father, I want to ask you one last question, because time is running out. In this very difficult and unpleasant future situation, that you have described to us, what will be the role of the Pope, who came here in Greece just a few days ago?

Fr. Elpidios: Vagianakis: This Pope, my child, was appointed to throw the church into a great shock. He will not be permanent. They will have to change him again, in order to balance out the worrying schismatic tendencies that will be created within Catholicism. Tendencies that will be legitimized in the future and which will be differentiated into two forms within the church: into those that will be seen, and into those that will be hidden.

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