Status of 20th c. Orthodox Priest's Prophecy about Kiev Has Just Been Updated

Prophecy about Ukraine by Priest Nicholas Trubin (1950 -1997)

"One nun remembered how, in a conversation with her, Father Nikolai said that autocephaly would take place in Ukraine. In this connection, Father Nikolai told some priests to leave the country [Ukraine] as soon as possible, because the time would come when real priests would be excommunicated and have their priesthood removed. And then what would such a man do? This way it will be possible to serve in secret. He also said that priests should go under the omophorion of the Moscow Patriarch. 

All this is connected with autocephaly. He said: "Because later it will be too late." Father Nikolai told me three times, "There will be autocephaly in Ukraine, at least for five minutes, but [then] there will be Catholicism all over Ukraine. When Ukraine accepts autocephaly, the Kiev dam will break, and ships will sail through Kiev. And due to Ukraine's turning away from the faith, it will suffer more than any other nation on earth."

- From the book "Biography of Priest Nikolai Trubin," Eleventh Edition, pp. 80-81

The Real Situation at the Kiev Hydroelectric Power Plant is Alarming

The Kiev Sea splashes just 12 km up the Dnieper River from the capital of Ukraine. Such proximity, according to some experts, poses a threat not only for Kiev, but also for the entire territory of Ukraine. If the dam of the Kiev hydroelectric power station breaks, the left bank will be washed away.

Fear of hyperflooding and nuclear hazard on Dnieper River, Ukraine - The  Watchers

"As a result of such a man-made disaster, 15 million people may die, 27 cities will be destroyed, as well as the Zaporizhzhya NPP," - this apocalyptic forecast was made in late May this year by independent experts and promulgated by many media.

In particular, the head of the independent international group of scientists on prognostication of consequences of catastrophes Vasily Kredo declared that "the Kiev reservoir is the most dangerous place on the planet". According to him, the accident rate of the dam is of 93%. There are about 500 million tons of highly radioactive sludge in the Kiev reservoir.

If the Kiev hydroelectric plant is damaged, which is possible, for example, as a result of not even a very strong earthquake, the earth dam will not hold, and then a radioactive tsunami from the Kiev Sea "will rush to Obolon, Troeshchina, and then to the whole Ukraine".

Source: (Russian)

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