"A Geostrategic Earthquake Is Coming" - Holy Greek Bishop Utters Prophetic Words on the World & Orthodoxy (VIDEO, Transcript)



A geostrategic earthquake is coming that will change everything in the entire universe... and which will be the result of a huge war, which has already started in Syria, spreads to Ukraine, yesterday to Armenia, tomorrow to Turkey... and then it becomes global. From the world war, a great deal of good will come (in the end)... a lot of pain will also come out (during)... But doesn't the pregnant woman, before (before the birth) suffer? doesn't she have insecurity when she's pregnant? fear? So now there will be a big "BIRTH"!!! [...] (but) will be preceded by deep pain in the whole world...

Do you see this dying & laboring woman on the bed of pain my brother? Her name is Greece, she is the sister of Cyprus, which along with her also is in pain... Her practical doctors told her that both she and the child she is carrying in her womb will die! But God has other plans for her, my brother! Soon her wounds will heal and she will finally be able to give birth to her child! And do you know something else, my brother? Her child will be a girl & will be baptized in Istanbul, in Hagia Sophia! Her name…? ORTHODOXY my brother, ORTHODOXY!

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