Holy Abbot from Mount Athos: 'I Will Not Give a Blessing to Be Inoculated' (VIDEO)

"We live in the last times and at any moment we may be offered to accept the Seal of Antichrist, the one without which people will not be able to buy and sell anything - all this is written in the Apocalypse and in the Gospel, these are not my personal words. There will be such a deviation from God that even very strong people will fall into error. . ."

Elder Parthenius, Abbot of St. Paul’s Monastery on Mouth Athos and his sermon on the inoculations.



"Let us pray to the Lord God and to the Mother of God that we all deserve to live this year well. Thank God today, through the prayers of Our Lady the Theotokos we served a beautiful all-night vigil, divine liturgy and were honored to partake of the Holy Mysteries of Christ. As for the events taking place now we, as Christians, must see the providence of God in everything, even if something remains incomprehensible to us. I think that whatever it may be the Lord arranges everything for our benefit and allows ours for the sake of salvation. God grant that everything will be settled so that the coming year will be filled with the goodness of God, to calm down and pass by this terrible storm, this disease, this disaster.

I, of course, do not possess great scholarship, but I will tell you what I heard about before and what comes to my mind now. More than once in the history of mankind there have been difficult years when many people died. The life of Saint Patapias tells us how a serious illness began and people died in thousands. He was a monk, an ascetic of piety and he helped many sick, served them. And the Lord made it so that he did not contract this disease from them, and for the sake of his great love for people the Lord granted him holiness.

But now the situation is more complicated. We live in the last times and at any moment we may be offered to accept the Seal of Antichrist, the one without which people will not be able to buy and sell anything - all this is written in the Apocalypse and in the Gospel, these are not my personal words. There will be such a deviation from God that even very strong people will fall into error. We must always have faith and love for God. Be real confessors - confess the power of God, because the Lord says, 'everyone who confesses me before people, I also will confess before my Father in heaven, and whoever denies me before people, I will also deny him before my Father in heaven'.

Now, we already see many signs of the times which are written about in the Apocalypse. I am telling you this to the best of my understanding as I see it. In the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation it is said that people will be inscribed with the Mark of the Beast in their hand or on their foreheads and that no one will be allowed to buy or sell except for the one who has this Mark or the name of the Beast or the number of his name. Now, we too are witnessing deceit, the dark forces are working tirelessly. We are told of some kind of inoculation that is obligatory for everyone. Everyone will have to get this inoculation and first you will need to sign a document stating that we are aware of possible side effects and will bear responsibility for them ourselves. I think this is the most real mockery - they just mock us! This is also stated in Revelation, not directly, but this is meant. You need to get the inoculation and sign a voluntary consent and then if something happens, I will not be able to say a single word - not a single word!

The same is said in the Apocalypse: Antichrist will act by deception. By accepting his seal we will not be slaves to the true God but to the devil. We will no longer have the name that we received in Holy Baptism, for example, I was baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity and received the name Charlampius Morillatos, but each will be assigned some number - some number! And all this will be done by deception.

I tell you this with love, this is my deep conviction. I will not give anyone a blessing to be inoculated. I am against the currently proposed coronavirus inoculation. Who was behind this inoculation? An American friend of mine who was not even a Christian told me, 'don't get this inoculation, those who receive this inoculation will be doomed in a few years'. Of course, I am not a judge and I have no right to condemn those who advocate inoculation, but I personally disagree with that. I consider this to be cheating and blackmail to some extent.

When this coronavirus began, there were almost no cases in Thessaloniki, there were very few cases of infection. But when the procession with the miraculous icon was banned a real fire broke out. It was the so-called warning call from above. Calamities come when we refuse the grace of God and begin to do our will. Scripture says that in the end times, temptations of the kind will come that even the elect will be tempted. You need to pray to the Lord, 'Lord, I ask you deliver me from the spirit of delusion so that I can do your holy will'.

Now many people experience fear and horror, they are afraid of contracting the disease. I have neither fear nor horror. Remember better Saint Paisios of the Holy Mountain, who prayed to God to get cancer because he felt sorry for the people who came to him for advice and he wanted to be more useful to them - to feel all their pain - and he died of cancer glorifying God. I consider illness to be a kind of blessing of God and I tell you this with love. If God allows me to get infected with this disease, get sick for four to five days and then die, then I will only be glad. Because I believe that by this God is leading me to salvation.

I do not believe in these inoculations and will never bless anyone to be inoculated. What can you do if some rulers, some Bishops in a high theological education, urge people to be inoculated? If they support inoculations then let them do them for themselves. Everyone has free will. I expressed my own opinion, expressed my faith. These processes are directly related to the globalization process. With the introduction of a single world government, with the abolition of money, with the construction of the Third Temple of Solomon - for which the Jews are preparing. Those who wish to be inoculated are free to do as they wish, but I will always - as long as I live - believe only in Jesus Christ and confess only Him and Him crucified.

Above all of us is the Lord God, we must pray to Him incessantly. One man of holy life, Bishop Joel, composed a wonderful prayer against the coronavirus. I made myself a photocopy of this prayer and I ask you to read it too. And also pray for the help to the Blessed Virgin Mary - our hope and consolation. Who else besides her will intercede for us, violators of the divine commandments? What can you do if our state has adopted godless laws? Now we are all guilty before God. The commandment says, 'thou shall not kill', and they cancel this commandment by allowing abortion. The commandment says, 'thou shall not commit adultery' and they cancel it allowing divorce. Scripture condemns the sins of Sodom and they pass laws that allow same-sex 'marriages'.

Of course, all this makes God angry. I think that today we are ruled by dark forces, the very ones that are written about in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and in other books. I pray to God that until my last breath I never deny Our Lord Jesus Christ, the true God, and so that God deigns us to go to paradise. I tell you this all with love, I can't give orders to anyone because I don't have that power, but I'm just expressing my opinion. And I also turn to God with this prayer:

'Lord I am guilty before you in all my life, I am guilty of everything, but you yourself are calling us to yourself, you said that you want to save everyone and come into the truthful mind. We are all unrecoverable servants, of which I am the first, and this is what I ask you Lord: cover me a sinner, help me and let me be with you forever, as there is hope in you. We must rely not on our own strength, but on the mercy and love of God.'

Thank you for listening to my words, addressed to you with love. God grant that the situation will calm down, that we will get rid of these temptations, from these diseases and find the true path to salvation. Amen."

Source: apologet.spb.ru (Russian)

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