Flying to Russia - Large American Family Explains Why They Are Considering Moving East

"Russia is the only global power left, resisting the rise of a one world government. This explains why hatred of Russia prevails in the Anglo/American/Zionist propaganda machine that masquerades as media in the US. If the Western media hates Russia, then there must be something there for us committed Christians."

Editor's note: Fleeing the godlessness of the West, some have already taken the ultimate step, and have moved their families to Russia. Many likeminded people have joined the Moving to Russia group, hoping to secure a better spiritual future for their children and grandchildren.

Michael Irwin is the father of a large family living in the western United States. In this article, he explains his reasons for considering such a significant move.

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Our many children are spread throughout the room. Some on the couch. One curls up under the piano bench. Our oldest lays supine on the floor next to the dinner table. It is evening prayer time at our house. My wife reads a short story from a book about the amazing life of Father Arseny (Father Arseny 1893-1973 - Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father). Soon we will be standing for our prayers before our icon corner.

I survey this wonderful mass of humanity. I am blessed to be their father and the husband of this beautiful woman. These souls have been bequeathed to me by God. I have been charged with first and foremost providing for their spiritual future above all else. Charged with doing everything in my power to see to it that they, and their children, are given the best chance possible to obtain union with Christ and thereby salvation.

I look upon my oldest four. All boys. Where will they find a good wife who has not been damaged by the lies of feminism? Someone who will be strong enough to weather the storms of marriage and motherhood. A real woman.

I look upon my daughters. Where will they find a man who is not a perpetual adolescent? A man who will be willing to lay down his life for his wife and family. Who will heroically battle his passions. Who will lead his wife, sons and daughters in the spiritual battle that rages.

I simultaneously love, hurt, hope, fear, and pray for them. It is the imperfect prayer of their earthly father. We are an American family swimming upstream in a country that has been satanically propagandized and attacked via banking, false history, movies, music, media, pop culture, and weaponized communication (and so much more) unlike any nation in the history of mankind.


Our family stands at a crossroads. We can stay in the US and implement the “Benedict Option” (We really enjoy the thought provoking insight and analysis of author Rod Dreher). We can double down on American culture and hope against all sound Christian analysis that things will turn around. The third option — and the one that dominates our family’s interest and prayers — is moving away from the US to Russia.

We are among a growing number of American Christians who look to Russia as a reemerging Christian kingdom. Americans who are willing to leave their material comfort, established homes, job status and common language to protect the souls entrusted to them. Americans who find themselves tapping into the heroism of their European ancestors. These ancestors, without television, the internet, Youtube or Facebook groups, trusted in God as they sent their loved ones to a new life in America — often times knowing that the next time they met would be in Paradise. Real heroic faith. This heroism saved countless lives from the satanic ravages of persecution, starvation, and war.

The Tables Are Turned

The same forces — the ones that were behind the calculated destruction of Europe during the time of our grandparents and great grandparents — now rule the West. Russia (and specifically Holy Orthodoxy) is the only global power left, resisting the rise of a one world government (which will ultimately be headed by the Antichrist). This explains why hatred of Russia is so prevalent in the Anglo/American/Zionist propaganda machine that masquerades as media in the US. In some ways they make it easy. If the Western media hates Russia, than there must be something there for us committed Christians. 

God’s Will Be Done

Three members of our family will travel to Russia later this summer to see Russia first hand. It will be no vacation. Large, single income families do not generally go on European vacations. This trip will be serious. It will be a spiritual pilgrimage with the greatest of implications for our progeny. We are not simply going to experience a culture. We will be imagining ourselves living in this culture. The pros, the cons, and everything in between. Please pray for us.

The days of ignoring the war around us are over. The battle is raging. Sound spiritual strategy and absolute trust in God must rule the day. If God calls us to implement a local and customized version of the “Benedict Option” then so be it. If Russia is for real, then by the grace of God we may join her ranks. Serious Christian families, you are not alone. May God’s will be done! 

Michael Irwin is a married Orthodox father of a large family living west of the Mississippi. He is an independent journalist, truth seeker, and podcaster.

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Read this article in German — Lesen Sie diesen Artikel auf Deutsch

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