Greek Priest Foresees Unimaginable Satanic Evil Directed Against Children (Fr. Elpidios, Video & Transcript)

"[...] there are still many more things which the Lord says, but you are not able to bear them. Things about the cunning of Lucifer, about the deception with which he will deceive both the political leaders, and the leaders of the Church so that one day he may carry out the greatest of evil [...] against your innocent children. . ."

This article from our archives was first published on RI in November 2021
Originally appeared at: Uncreated Light Press

Father Elpidios Vagianakis, in this video, discusses how difficult times are to come for Orthodox Christians but that they should not be afraid. He warns that a great evil is being directed at our children, and that parents should protect them by all means necessary. Finally, Father Elpidios encourages the Orthodox faithful that better times are to come, and that God plans to disrupt the machinations of the devil through a Great Reset of His own within the Church.



I said to the Lord, "Lord, I implore You to not depart from our hearts! Now I understand what You want to say to us; that the atypical separation has begun." The separation of the wheat from the chaff. From now on the chaff will be separated from the wheat! Those who truly love Christ will not fear being ground up in the same way as the wheat, so that it can become flour. And the others will remain the same, like the chaff, these will be taken away by the wind and they will be scattered far away.

This is what I wanted to tell all of you, and many others which I carry inside of my heart, because there are still many more things which the Lord says, but you are not able to bear them. Things about the cunning of Lucifer, about the deception with which he will deceive both the political leaders, and the leaders of the Church so that one day he may carry out the greatest of evil. It will be unimaginable, and it will take place.

And do you know at whom this evil will be directed at? Against your innocent children. Soon something very evil will be discovered and you will see; you will understand by what deception they will steal your children! They will blackmail your children. They will blackmail you through them. I don't know exactly what this thing will be, but I only know (according to what was given to me to understand) that they will do a great evil against children, and at that time you will cry a lot.

And nobody will be able to help you, because you have strayed far away from the arms of God. Right now we have to hold them by the hand... Hold them tightly by the hand! This Holy Thursday is very atypical. I came to Church to raise up hymns, but the Lord is outside together with His children. And I am happy that He is with His children! Maybe because I too am here in this Church, but my heart is next to Him; next to His suffering children.

And He is crying! This time He is not crying on account of His Passions (Sufferings), but rather for the suffering of His children! He is not crying on account of what He endured, but rather for what His children must suffer from now on! And the worst thing is that His Resurrection, on account of satanic ordinances, was mandated not to be done at the proper time (Not at midnight). Why? Because truly this year's Resurrection will only occur in the hearts of those who are very faithful. And His Passions will continue even after Easter. It will be a continual sacrificial Easter.

"Soon we will celebrate the Resurrection together; but right now you will live My Passions and I will live yours." (Said from the perspective of Christ). Now it will be what you have been singing for so long; "Let us follow Him!" The Lord is saying to us, "Come join Me, and climb up onto the Cross with Me. Cry with Me, because I am already crying for you!"

"Afterwards on a bright day, when he who thinks he came to remain forever..." Evidently He is referring to the antichrist; who is nothing more than an imitation of the antichrist. Soon he will be struck down; after he carries out a lot of evil in the world... A lot of evil in the world... "And we will all celebrate together a new Resurrection." "The resurrection of your nation, because those who will remain will be faithful to Me, they will love Me, and they will adore Me."

"All those who hold high positions, both political and church leaders, in a short time will no longer be holding these positions." "My Father has decided to clean His vineyard. All these people who have betrayed His Son, all these people who did not honor His will, they will be left to understand what they have done; to find out for themselves which bishops they will go together with... with those of the Jews..."

But now He is calling upon all of us, all His children, to have faith in Him; to put our faith in His power while we face all these things that will occur... All you who are present should commune with the Body and Blood of Christ. It is the last Easter which we will perform, let us say, in peace. Everything will be different going forward from next year. Everything! Everything I tell you! A quadriplegia will spread over our country (Greece); our country will become quadriplegic. It will suffer on account of its faith. It will suffer on account of its economy; which will be destroyed. It will suffer geological disasters, and geopolitical complications.

Remember: Our Greece will become quadriplegic. Our Faith will be shaken, and it will be hit without any mercy. Our economy will be collapsed. Nature will rebel in many different ways; you will see all these things. And the upheavals of war will bring new circumstances. Now the antichrist, or better said the imitator of the antichrist, wants to do the Great Reset, and he will provoke chaos by means of disease and the economy. He will attack all of you, and afterwards he will place a collar on you to drag you wherever he wants. He will do a Great Reset; this is what he thinks. This is what he wants.

"But My Father decided to use that which Lucifer does to do another Reset; that of His State/His Nation, that of His Church. And from the inside of the Church, everything that is rotten and corrupt will leave." "Other new people will appear. He will reveal those people who adore My Father, and I (the Son), and the Holy Spirit." "They will love Me so much, and My Father, and the Holy Spirit, that the lives of the Saints will become their very strength." "And they will run throughout the entire world, this is what My Father decided, to spread the strongest true Faith."

That is why you all should practice patience, so that you can attain strength. Have Faith in Me, and you will see all these things soon because they will happen. But now first must come Golgotha. Because the true resurrection will be the one to come, and you will rejoice together with Me. There will be a Great Reset by My Father in His Church; not the reset of Satan on earth. He is dreaming about the reset of evil, so that he can control all of you, but My Father has decided something else. He will not yet allow the antichrist to come and rule.

First, there will be the Great Reset of His Church! With great power! "Then you all will glorify Me, and you all will run throughout the entire world to preach about Me.: "My Icon will be everywhere. My Name will be everywhere. My Image will be everywhere. Everywhere people will know that I am the God of peace." "And My Kingdom will be glorified for a very long time!"

Until God will permit you, as strong and as many as you will be, to face the true antichrist, who will come to destroy everything. "Then I will come to take you up into My arms, so that you may live together with Me." "Now, however, do not be afraid!" "I just want those who have faith in Me, whether they are a hierarch or a priest, to now speak, to confess their faith, to not be afraid!" "My Martyrs were not afraid of persecution! They were not afraid of imprisonment! They were not afraid of being exiled! They were not afraid of revilement."

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